1. They are incredible! But what is your definition of 'perfect'?

  2. Those D's get an A+! Speechless! One of you best poses and photo sets.

  3. I could be your Daddy. Would you let me feed?

  4. Classy set of photos. You look so damn hot you make the fire look cold!!

  5. How many poses are in that set and where can I see them?

  6. Hot pic!! As your professor, I approve.

  7. You will have to earn it. Cum see me after class, if you know what I mean! And wear nylons tomorrow. Show off those pretty legs.

  8. No offense to the others, but YOU are the only one I'd want!

  9. OK. Then you will have to stay after class and see what happens. BTW, could you please keep your shirt unbuttoned. I want to see if your nipples taste as good as they look! Oh, and you get an A!!

  10. Deal!! Wife says fine!! Can she join in?

  11. You are so hot! Besides your obvious assets, you have beautiful legs. Perfection!!

  12. Yes and you both have amazing asses and legs.

  13. Morning, afternoon, and evening wood for you! As a matter of fact, I've got wood right now.

  14. Your nipples are the perfect topping to your two snow globes. I would kiss, lick, bite, and suck them all day.

  15. Perfect natural tits! Succulent nipples! And you look sooooo innocent!! My ultimate fantasy!

  16. That is the sexiest bikini and you do it justice!! So hot!!

  17. Love the poses with arms up. Brings the best out in your beautiful breasts! And those nipples!! Damn!!!

  18. That's the only kind of lingerie you should be using on those magnificent, firm, round tits! No bras needed.

  19. Again, why do you even need a bra?!!

  20. Why do you need bras? Waste of money for you.

  21. My wife is so hard to buy for but I'm sure she would make good use of you! And so would I!

  22. Emily, you sit right here. First seat, right in front of my desk.

  23. When does the show start? I mean, if you want an A.....

  24. You are so beautiful! What a classy shot. Love it!

  25. And my dick might land in your ______. (fill in the blank!)

  26. Stay? I would never have left you!!!

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