1. If i had a hernia that bad and couldn’t afford medical treatment id probably keep my shirt on.

  2. That kid's future therapist is going to have a fun one.

  3. Good point. Why are so many Tesla drivers complete idiots?

  4. Ahh. Must not have heard the basis of all law “finders keepers”.

  5. Don’t be a kind driver, be a predictable and defensive one.

  6. Good job on your part, but there shouldn't be those shitty plastic things anyway. The US seems like a third world country at times

  7. America is run by corporations that want to maximize profits above all else. If they can save $0.01 per 6 pack by killing marine life its an easy choice and they do/will. The reason these are still used is that its cheaper than cardboard or other alternatives. Much worse for the environment, but thats what carbon credits are for /s.

  8. I have 5 switches with a light and all of them are doing it to some degree

  9. Thats the kicker. What was really in those vaccines? And whats the real reason FOR it? Its not for covid. It wasn’t JUST for Pfizer to line their pockets. I believe there is a reason for the vaccine, I just think its secret. Maybe helpful to humanity, it may be harmful. I cant look ahead and see if there’s a true “greater good” that cant yet be revealed to the public.

  10. Super fake. Anyone would immediately put it back on the grill. Good thing gordon ramsey isnt there.

  11. If someone doesn’t want you in their life you should respect their boundary.

  12. Steven Greer is a narsacistic grifter... perhaps at one time his intentions were noble and for the greater good aka press club days... however he seems to be trying to wring every penny he can out of followers of his. He always spouted on about how all this information should belong to the public, however it seems nowadays for you to gain access to it will cost you a good bit of cash in subscription fees to apps, documentaries, articles and 'experiences'... what are your guys views on him ?

  13. 100%. He knows SOME things, sure. But he’s a self serving con man. And not a very good one.

  14. Theres your answer. I stick with Moen - quality, and guaranteed for life.

  15. Dont we already know most of the worlds governments/politicians and hollywood are Satanists/Luciferians?

  16. Eh…id hit it after 12 beers. Good thing I dont drink.

  17. Wrong. Space and time are malleable. Thinking advanced civilizations technology are limited to light speed and linear travel is ignorant.

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