1. That’s great news about Charlie. But maybe Charlie should be checked out by a vet. Make sure everything’s OK.

  2. I lost my best orange friend ever last year and I know how losing a best friend feels. I bought an orange stuffed animal and had Frank’s ashes sewn inside where the heart is. I can still hold my best friend. I feel your sorrow. 😢

  3. I bet when he gets angry he’s a pissed-Stachio, but stilll is a cutey.

  4. Winston looks very noble and self-assured. Is he a Churchill?

  5. Jubby. You are so handsome and relaxed floating on that cloud.

  6. C’omon Mom. I can’t open it with my head. How cute are you.

  7. Just like an orange boi. Probably bored in the middle of all those toys.

  8. Sugar’s sweetness and your husband’s big heart came through.

  9. In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s the cat was named Cat.

  10. Don’t question. Just accept. He’s an orange boy.

  11. That’s for sure!! He’s laying with us in bed right now

  12. My orange boy Frank slept with me every night. He passed away last year and I miss him hugely.

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