1. Not worried about this but the club better have contingency plans in place for when he does leave. The reason the 10 derailed is because we were caught out by Rodgers leaving.

  2. I have zero faith that the club would have contingency plans.

  3. If you don't know, I don't want to be the one to tell you.

  4. Use the key towards the bottom left of each image to see which players correspond to which position on the map.

  5. Found this out the hard way and have been mildly irritated ever since

  6. Any spurs fan can shed light on Porro situation?

  7. He’ll be first choice soon. He’s literally only just in the door.

  8. I don’t usually comment on these, I just share each map to each team’s subreddit.

  9. I don’t make these. I just share them from where they’re freely available.

  10. Fuck it I’m going to bald myself after the game

  11. Aaron Mooy is as talented as he is bald, and he’s the baldest man alive

  12. Mad that the sexiest and most virile man in the country, Aaron Mooy, is going to score a triple hattrick today.

  13. Can't have an xG of more than 1 for the same play, subsequent chances should be added as a percentage of the probability that the previous chance(s) didn't go in.

  14. You can have an xG of more than 1 for the same play, or at least some models do.

  15. Can the mods delete this please this is ridiculous

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