1. Wait, those progress bars tell how many players are playing each map???

  2. had it for 4 years. Pretty much no complains. Never let me down

  3. Same here. In fact my g27 broke and I had thrustmaster pedals go bad. Both were potentiometer issues, along with the g27 reverse gear not recognizing anymore and the ring inside the wheel break. I’ve had all my friends have their g29/g27 go bad after a while with the potentiometer issue. How are people calling it a reliable product lmao.

  4. Lol. Many of my friends own logitech products. Never had a problem. I use thrustmaster, been on the t150 for 3 years and only problem is the wheel looses its calibration after 2-3hours of drifting non stop. It still works, the wheel is just crooked. Fixed by unplugging and replugging, and good to go for another 2-3 hours. Have you considered user error?

  5. Posted a pic from these after removing them from the plant, definitely look like balls but confirmation from someone more excperienced would be nice

  6. Holy shit ive been looking for something like this for so long. Thank you. Is it possible to mod it further to allow importing cars?

  7. I think it is possible but it would need a lot of work. I currently don't have the expertise to do it as I haven't got any experience with 3D modelling but as everything I'm doing is open-source I'm hoping it should be possible to build on it.

  8. Bummer. Well, if you ever get to it let me know. But thank you so much for what youve already done

  9. "Lol" Is what your mother said the first time she saw you

  10. If you are going to comment that a DD wheel looks over priced, it's a good idea to have at least a slight idea what you are taking about

  11. I dont think he mentioned the price at any point

  12. 500 000k a month? Shit idk like 3 or 4 months and i can live the rest of my life easily without ever working again

  13. Stop tobacco any day. For the "healthiness"

  14. Fat people arent unhealthy from being fat. They usually get fat from eating alot or eating lots of treats. Ex. Someone who gets diabetes from eating lots of unhealthy food will get fat, but the diabetes doesnt come from fat.

  15. Yes. So when they get too much fat, its unhealthy, and then they are considered fat. Are we not on the same page?

  16. Fat people, in fact are unhealthy, because of their fat. Too much fat is unhealthy. Once yoy reach the point of having so much fat its unhealthy, you are considered fat.

  17. Sorry it was 14k I did some bad mental rounding. And it's only ~8% difference so yea not much.

  18. 14k tour completions is a big difference. Imagine how many hours that is.

  19. There's only 20k less oil spill tours finished than steel trap tours.

  20. had my t150 for 3 or 4 years, pnly problem i have is after 3 or 4 hours of nonstop driving the calibrarion seems to mess up. Easy fix, unplug and replug the wheel. Also it only started doing this adter a few years, by far the only complaint i have. Build quality isnt as nice as logitech, but superior in pretty much every other way

  21. yes and op said theyre the same level...

  22. its called making begging for money more effective im actually fine

  23. I know 99.9% i wont get it i just hope some rich mf feeling generous today

  24. why you getting downvoted for joking

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