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  1. I fucking hate Gordon Gee for no good reason. He just irks me.

  2. he is amazing at connecting with students. You could meet him at house party freshman year(he would randomly drop in at some) and he knew your name and would pick up the old conversation with you for the rest of your time at OSU.

  3. Ah he sounds like a nice guy. He also made the push to force sophomores to live on campus though which was and is a complete cash grab by the university at the expense of students. Dorm life is fun but not for the price charged at OSU or most other colleges. You can live far more frugally off campus.

  4. Right. I chose to live on campus my Sophomore year. I wish it was more encouraged as a choice and a competitive option to off campus living. The University shouldn't be allowed to profit off of forcing people to live on campus and students need to be given a legitimate voice in steering the direction of housing.

  5. your bill is based on how much electricity you use, and if you want to use electric you're going to pay delivery fees. the state does a good job providing a comparison tool for rates someone else linked to; good luck finding an independent provider that doesn't have a long con planned to get more money from you. If you want your electric bill to go down your best bet is to use less electricity or produce your own.

  6. I use "cow town" a lot. Easier and more fun to say than cbus and if used in the right context people know what I mean.

  7. My property has had a greatly reduced mosquito population up until last week. I did my best to do mosquito control this year.

  8. ditto, I dont normally notice them around my house but in the past 2 weeks they've been popping up.

  9. There’s a lady that never forgot where she came from and wants to make the world a better place.

  10. a 9 part series on Dolly?! this is a whole ass Christmas gift!

  11. When I went to Osu I always rode old POS bikes. First one was an ancient three speed Raleigh with a leather saddle seat, no cushion. That broke and then I got a free huffy Santa Fe. Super out of style 10 speed in the time of mountain bikes. I used to just tie a chain in a loose knot when I went to class. Bike worked fine and I rode the shit out of it until the derailleur got snagged on the chain and just folded up. Left it leaning against a pole in the middle of lane Ave. It was there for days. Last one was a Murray ten speed. Same deal with the chain. When I moved out, I just parked if by the dumpster and it sat there until I moved out.

  12. I bought a garage bike one year and spent the summer spraying layers of stripes and sprials in neon colors, even bought a pair of purple rubber tires for like 20 bucks on Amazon. could spy it from a mile away... ended up just leaving it behind my apt unlocked when I moved away.

  13. I say this all the time and people think I’m crazy!

  14. it is a no frills fast food style gyro done right. I go for the nostalgia more than the food but if you have a parking strategy, it's an affordable delicious meal anytime!

  15. it is a no frills fast food style gyro done right. I go for the nostalgia more than the food but if you have a parking strategy, it's an affordable delicious meal anytime!

  16. What would Make this better is if they had a horse sticking it’s head out the window so it looks like the horse lives in this house

  17. One of those farmer silhouettes leaning against the wall that scares the shit out of you at night.

  18. not without a roommate that is. I once had a one bedroom that had a full size living, dining and sun room plus tons of storage in Old North. I think it was $600 10 years ago.

  19. Wendys, Taco Bell, McDonald's. thanks obama.

  20. Head North on Neil into Victorian Village if you have time!

  21. Due to my job, nearly daily. I need some lunch ideas that aren’t deli meat sandwiches. Help, I’m eating my bank account to death

  22. think about lunch as a base plus toppings plus a sauce. the base can be salad, sandwich, noodle, rice, etc. PLUS a topping: shredded rotisserie chicken, leftovers, can beggies..veggies. PLUS hot sauce, dressing, cheese, kimchi, something to pull it together(or not)

  23. The concepts aren’t foreign, not at all. As a backpacker I get the basics of fuel required, but damn if it isn’t harder on the job than it is on a 20 mile hike. Half the battle is just having a method of storage. I work off of a truck, typically full of parts and materials, not much room for much else. I think maybe now is the time to invest in some serious prep equipment to make something work in my favor. Had my eye on a freeze dryer for a while, and since the comments have been quite helpful, perhaps the best move is to just go all in and go full backcountry.

  24. sounds like you're going full nomad for lunch!

  25. To add to this, I still marvel in amazement and am grateful when I walk into a bathroom at a stadium or sporting event and it's just an endless column of empty urinals.

  26. as soon as Ohio State started selling beer at football games the bathroom lines grew exponentially for men. It wasn't built for nearly as many people as it now holds and now there's thousands of cans worth of beers to also be 'processed.'

  27. See too much of the butter cow, also jail.

  28. we're calling things from the 90s vintage already? they were barely 30 years ago!

  29. I just listened to a Stuff You Should Know podcast episode on chaos theory. my takeaway related to weather was that there are so many variable 'inputs' to calculate that future casting is just not possible currently. 70% of the outcomes are predicted as rain, that leaves the other 30% of outcomes as literally any other seasonally appropriate weather activity. as you progress linearly into the future, the potential outcomes change exponentially.

  30. you forgot to report that your utility bill reflected your usage of said utility!

  31. It's amazing what vodka does to a breading! It's the secret sauce!

  32. ps. it's the vodka that helps achieve that perfect crispy crunch. I think the serious eats homemade chicken nuggets use the same technique....yeah, if you thought this was good, apply that crisp to a chicken nuggie...

  33. kind of, but there a whole world of print that has not been digitized that can often be found at the library.

  34. I am going through this exact thing right now.

  35. I used ikea about 5 years ago and couldn't reccomend their stuff enough. their cabinets are a different thing from their typical furniture and use high end hardware.

  36. Pizza Oven in the Canton area. square cut, pan style, everything scratch made, I have a hunch they use sliced cheese and shredded to get the perfect toothsome bite.

  37. Libraries are amazing. Not many places left you can exist in public without the expectation of paying money. WiFi, computers, a wealth of knowledge and entertainment, meeting spaces (at many) English as second language classes (if you’re a “this is America learn to speak English” person, you should support those), tax assistance in March-April, kid programs… support your local library. It’s bipartisan, don’t let the deliberately-obtuse tell you otherwise!

  38. the printing service alone is worthwhile! I had to file a bunch of various paperwork over the past year and having the ability to print for (usually free) was a godsend.

  39. sign up to get an email about when you're getting junk mail😁

  40. Not sure why they don't ship by rail, would think easier/cheaper

  41. Subway is now the largest restaurant chain in the world. White Castle, with their HQ in Columbus had a division that fabricated modular restaurant units out of porcelain to ship around the country as an original fast food concept!

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