1. Any places carry it in deli style that you know of?

  2. Deli? I thought we were talking about element Carts lol

  3. LMAO... That deli comment was supposed to be in reply to another that mentioned a Ghostbudster's colab 😆.

  4. Lol gotcha. I was like damn there's deli for element carts no one ever told me lol

  5. I’d rather have full use of my brain, and get called a “loser” by you. Not a lot of brain cells left knocking around up there in your dome, are there? I figured that out right away though, your comment just made it better. 💃 💃

  6. Bro smoke your mids and leave the klutch for us.

  7. Definitely. Just be careful man. Not hard to revert back to old ways. Might get a good batch and next time boom you got some reggie.

  8. We all have that one cultivator that did us dirty too many times lol. I'm hard pressed for flower because the only thing in my local dispensary are Meigs and FRX right now.

  9. Eww. You must live in a small hillbilly town lol is the new klutch dispos anywhere close to you? I'm lucky I'm in Cincinnati and have some good ones running sales at all times everyday and most of them right now have 242 different strains.

  10. Klutch is by far the best in Ohio. Galenas is garbage. Woodward is trash. They use to be my favorite but now it's black ash and harsh . Taste like shit. I'm a Michigan goer. Once a month. Local Grove and quite a few others are better for sure. But klutch is the only one that comes close to Michigan quality. And some certified select strains. I would pick local Grove over anything though. I'm a fan boy. Got plenty on deck. But klutch is good especially their newer strains like lemon cherry Gelato, sunset runtz, rose gold runtz, big head, of course the icc and jealousy. There's something different about these past couple batches. Different texture. More spongey. They're definitely getting where they need to be.

  11. They can keep hating , more for us , someone's gotta buy Meigs and cokoh

  12. Do you go to ones in Detroit? Cause that was the question. Obviously that's what I'm trying to do is find a less crowded place. Thanks for all your help lol

  13. Lmfao what place could you possibly be going that has an all day line 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you need a “new place to shop” go to literally ANYWHERE in Detroit and you’ll be in and out within 20 minutes 🤣🤣🤣

  14. And the carts out there are mainly mass distribution of distillate like 5-10 for 100$ n shit barely if none at all of like live resin rosin pens I think I only seen one brand that wasn’t distillate and that was element they claim to be live resin but really didn’t feel like live resin at all more so live resin terps added to distillate and I get you 100% it’s not worth the drive for flower at all unless you know a grower and get deals fr

  15. Element is fire. And 100% live resin. There's hundreds of live resin brands that are awesome. Light sky farms. Pleasant trees. Element. Are my top 3.

  16. really? I might’ve not gone to the right shops that had em I only was hip to element fr

  17. Yeah man. Things have expanded up there. And gotten way cheaper for same quality. It's amazing. Might want to give it another try bro. No lie. It's great! So much better then ohio. And half or more less expensive

  18. I had blue runtz recently from grown rogue and that shit was tasty asf. Nice high also. I'm starting to become a fan!

  19. You make it I'll buy it! Lol I'm also a infused preroll enthusiast lol

  20. I ran the sherbcake it was a banger ..Next will be the Gelato cake

  21. Love some sherb cake. Anything with sherb or Gelato I'm all for! Lol

  22. I agree bro and yea the sherb was really good smelled like fruit punch

  23. I don't know what happened to them I used to talk to him all the time on Instagram about quality they were so good in this program first started I don't know what the hell happened. The same with clutch

  24. They've completely fallen off. I use to search menus about 2 years ago every where waiting for a Woodward drop. Now I don't even want them. Black ash. Bad cure. Not the same flower at all....

  25. Yeah. It would literally be a race to the dispo. That used to be sold out in one day.

  26. Yup facts. They fucked up. Now their shit sits there till the next drop. Pathetic.

  27. Super big fan of everything you put out and stand for! I first discovered your work through the PlayersOnly collabs, specifically The Smoke drop with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. I HAD to figure out what strain it was, which led me to tracking down your work and identifying it (I think) as the Blockberry! Been trying to sample as much of your work since then. I have the Fire AF and Singapore Sling to try still and I’m going to go back to Information Entropy to pickup the Cherry Runtz and Gerogia Pie! Thank you for everything you do for the community 🫡

  28. Cherry runtz I got was extremely dry. So check that before you get it. Powder dry. Bought an oz of it.

  29. Just keep your ID and med card and you'll be good til it expires. Even then. Once your stuff is in the system I dint think they'll be able to tell if you moved if you want to renew your recommendation

  30. I kinda agree. But I only flip them. Ngl

  31. Even for flipping go with the platinum. I do the same and when I got the mac I got blindsided by everyone I gave them to that they were leaking from the side bottom top every where. They were the worst. I would literally pick any of the value brands over mac. Mkx or platinum has been the most consistent.

  32. Don’t lie my boy. I loved Big head but mold was/is a big issue with this brand in the past. Many posts about moldy klutch weed and many strains. Klutch did nothing. It’s not a debate - it really happened.

  33. Klutch is almost all I but from Ohio. And never once had any mold problems or any problems at all. Some I just didn't like. But that's about it.

  34. If you're going to kob Monroe. Get the breath mintz, or count chunkula deli. They're insane! Best shit I've had in Michigan deli. Sticky asf which their pre packs are normally always dry.

  35. I got the sherbhead icc triangle mints and motor breath smalls. All are fire. Taste great smell great. And get me really high lol and most the buds are normal size. Unlike certified . They give you anything they find in the ground and put it in the bag. Bunch of pieces.

  36. We got some good bud in ohio but yeah it's dosed odd. With my veterans discount I can get half oz for 113 after tax. So yeah I go to MI often, saves me money. Quality wise tho, Ohio is better. MI sends me home with cheap mids, with shady testing but the price is right. Ohio knows, and will most likely be rec soon, just to keep our money here. Ohio prices are already falling. Ppl keep saying they get mids here, idk what brands their on.

  37. You're getting the wrong weed if you're going to Michigan and getting mids. Ohio weed sucks. And if it's good it's expensive. You can get fire in Michigan for 125-200oz at the most and its top shelf. Go to a different place. Who would drive all the way from Ohio to Michigan to get mids? Lol and I'm from Ohio. Lol

  38. Ohio will likely be voting on rec this year and there are dispos going up in that area now so the possibility is very real

  39. Long as Mike dewine is governor Ohio won't be able to go rec. He'll veto it no matter if it passes or not.

  40. It blows my mind that people go through all the trouble to think about it and post this but don’t show the bud…. Hello?

  41. Kiva dark chocolate . Kiva is the best. Everything in Ohio is so expensive. But Kiva is top notch.

  42. About 6gs a day 6x7 =42gs a week so ounce and a half.

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