1. i really enjoy it! very relaxing, nice body high, and helps with pain overall in my opinion.

  2. yeahh that gives me a 🚩and would definitely irritate me. does your partner want to be poly? i’m sorry you had to go through that especially at a “friendsgiving”

  3. After my hysterectomy I got updates on mychart at all times. I am still waiting for my dr visit to go over my post op. But I have an idea of what to go into the appt with. It does kind of suck :(

  4. ): if I can ask do you know if they found anything? i hope you’re healing well and sending hugs <3

  5. This was my second lap and they did find more endo. In addition they said my uterus had adenomyosis which was new.

  6. oh wow! if i can ask, do you plan on getting your uterus removed?

  7. Ahhh, am I weird because I really enjoy MRIs…I had one of my head with contrast.

  8. i was not prepared for the sounds at all, was given ear plugs and headphones and sometimes could hear the music but the MRI was insane. literally 2 hours of it but weird thing, somehow i was able to get into my head and fall asleep but still conscious. very odd but it really helped me get through it.

  9. i’ve had 3 IUD’s since i was 16 and it definitely has helped with the bleeding tremendously and cramping! i’m a very very heavy bleeder but it’s helped with it. i still get cramping but not as severe from what i can remember. the only issue i have (in my head) is it think it “help” my endometriosis go undetected for so long; other than that it’s been very very beneficial for me and i’m diagnosed as of last year at 21!

  10. This is so sad, I’m so sorry your experiencing this. I can relate, my past relationships had some isolation because of my diagnosis and what not.

  11. it hard for me to focus on just myself (i know i need to) and i’m having to get another surgery in a few weeks which is not helping the situation at all and it’s added more stress. we’ve been through a lot together and it’s just us here (where we are living) so we definitely have a trauma bond. it’s hard for me to put it in words. i know it bad at times but it’s really hard. my heart feels broken right now. thank you for your reply <3

  12. lmaooo this is me and the comical thing about it is, i got truly sick (still am) lmao and now i’m like hmmm is my FP going to leave me now? anyways i relate to your post a lot OP!!

  13. OP, you do NOT have a deductible if you have medicaid!!! call your Dr and make an appointment. they will deal with your insurance and figure out the best thing for you. look up your state/medicaid and it may give you a better idea. but in my opinion, like i stated above make the appointment and the Dr will figure it out and again it’s medicaid so for the most part it’s straight forward.

  14. that’s insane. “fall walk” in summer clothes? miss girl don’t you live over in the east coast?

  15. water, even better if you have a straw 🤩

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