1. Nice mags and not bad price considering the condition

  2. What is considered a fair price in these odd times? Just so this newbie kinda has a starting place. Thank you!

  3. For nice condition 20rd metal surplus mags I' believe 20-30 a mag is the normal. They have been going for much more on gb and some people are asking 40-50 but in general I believe u can find them for 20-30 a pop in nice condition.

  4. Fal is a neat platform.. I wish I wld of gotten more before my state banned them.. guess I'll have to live with my stg 58 and imbel parts kit till I move to a free state. Also the g3 is a fun affordable platform with super inexpensive mags and parts.

  5. Nice . I just put same handguard and bipod on mine.


  7. Gsad aks are reguarded aa some of the best Chinese imported aks... seen to have better bluing and nice detail. They were apparently made at the 'jing an' factory which where secret police aks were made. Post some pics when u can.... I have some info under some posts I made if u wanna check them out.

  8. One the better deals I've seen in a while..

  9. Nice pickup especially for 3k and you have all the original stuff including the box? I have 2 of these 56-2 models...a very early norinco 66 with dark furniture and hardly no markings on the receiver and a b west polytech import with much lighter furniture. Also have matching 66 bakelite mags and bayonets for both. Awesome ak variations that I believe had only 500 or so imported.

  10. One of the holy grails of many collector's and this is on the lower end of what they go for now nib with everything... actually some have been selling for over 6k on gb and the underfolder is one of the least imported legends. Awesome imported rifle

  11. Wow great deal.. these have really shot up in price the past 2 year's.bc many need these to finish out collections and under 400 were imported . They gave been selling from 2750-4500 depending on condition and if it has all the original stuff from the factory. Neat variant

  12. Do you guys know how 80% lowers are going to be treated in regards to manufacturing date? For example: if I’ve got 80’s that I milled and built back in 2012 and therefore don’t need an HBAR for, is MSP going to try and say it was manufactured on the date it was serialized or some other back door bullshit to make them now illegal?

  13. Yep about aks and other guns that were built before 2013 ban that are now banned by name?

  14. Not an issue. I registered mine today. When you fill out the 77R to register the 80% builds it asks if they were made before October 2012. No proof was required.

  15. Honestly I don't think anyone really knows much at this point lol

  16. Oh, I'm sorry. It wasn't there yet when I commented.

  17. Looking back this was a great deal.. one these sold for over 40 k on gunbroker recently... crazy.. awesome gun

  18. A few places but they are 30-50 more it seens

  19. I've ran most mags without issse and the md20 drums are awesome also but not made anymore apparently... however I really like the og 8rd but they are expensive. The metal css mags are great also especially for the price. My saiga 12s run all ammo even the cheapest Walmart birdshot ... after breakin and some polished fcg parts and adjustable gas plug or auto plugs all 4 of mine eat everything. Super fun shotguns ..enjoy

  20. The ptr 32 is also legal.. I got one recently and love it. . And of course the mp5 type pistols are legal and awesome. I love the cetme also and hope to get one of the MARCOLMAR lc version In the near future

  21. I’ve seen the 32 before, I’d just rather buy a different gun to shoot 7.62x39 like a VZ 58 (I already got an SKS anyway) as I just don’t like the battle rifle size and weight for an intermediate cartridge. The CETME L doesn’t really appeal to me that much out of the fact that I just don’t want another rifle in 5.56x45 at the moment as I want to have more caliber options in my Arsenal. I unfortunately can’t buy a pistol yet, so the MP5 pistols aren’t an option for me. So the CETME C has truly been the only roller lock firearm that fits the role I need as I have always wanted a battle rifle and the ability to shoot .308 and have the cheap and readily available G3 and CETME magazines is great. I appreciate the comment though. All great guns, just not on my list.

  22. Understand completely.. I also have bunch cetme kits I will hopefully build or get built as I want some other 308 rifles also. Md sucks unfortunately and can't wait to get out but in the meantime I'll get what I can which y I went with the 32 .. plus I have a nice ak collection so it made since from a mag and ammo standpoint also.

  23. So why are some 30rd fal mags straight and other like the ones pictured ? Guessing one type is bren?

  24. Not bad but I'd rather have the target sports repackaged barnaul ammo for same price ....

  25. Nice I have sane one in original box with all accessories... also just found a 40 round mag for it hidden away which apparently are worth a good bit.

  26. As a ak collector md sucks since 2013... there are a few work around's but it sucks overall...

  27. If the price of the mags turns you away…run. The HK tax is real.

  28. I've been dabbling into this new platform and noticed anything hk is pricey. It's not a big deal but was just wondering if there were any other options to get along with some og mags.

  29. The gun is 3k, and the mags are barely more expensive than sig mags are normally.

  30. I'm new to hk and normally collect ak stuff. I have some guns that have pretty expensive mag options but this wld be the highest I believe. Not a big deal was just wondering if any of the other options available are at least good range mags

  31. Fun ak.. love mine... very loud and nice fire balls

  32. Fun guns..I own 4 of them in different configurations...800 isn't bad price these days

  33. Stocks are available but the wood handguards are tough to locate. I found a beautiful set but paid up more than I wanted .

  34. Condition? Link? I wldnt mind having another bc I'm getting another ptr

  35. Have had a 627 since 2012 and really like it.

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