1. Sell weed and make more money than him and just play suicide boys loud as fuck whenever he’s around lol.

  2. So i can cosplay my vanguard messer class from chivalry 2?? Minus the snobby noble voice lol

  3. Are you asking me to put a picture of someone else on the internet to “put them on blast” so you “know who to avoid”? Take a deep breath buddy, it’s not that deep. The chances of you dating her are probably slim to none. You will be ok.

  4. Mmm. Bacon egg and cheese with a hashbrown sounds so fire right now.

  5. Maybe to trigger the sensor for the light to change? No idea, this has never happened to me, but I did pull over once and wave a car up to trigger the light after sitting there forever.

  6. Yes lol. I’ve sat at a light, watched a car come up behind me, i pointed at him, then the square on the floor then at he light

  7. It’s cuz you’re still wearing that stupid fucking helmet. It’s weighing you down and blocks your peripherals!

  8. When i got to hearts of stone and i somehow chose the right dialogue to get to fight to fight olgierd.

  9. Yes. I want them to keep doing that detective shit on youtube with xavier and eddie baker that shit is hilarious

  10. I usually save the last quest of hearts of stone for this reason.

  11. Thats code for “we dont give a fuck it’s not that important” they just cant tell you that directly lmaoooooo

  12. Ran over some barbed wire and immediate died RIP

  13. Ive gotten into a fight at dorms on custom that left my torso blacked out cuz i couldnt stop the bleeding in time ( or maybe my head i dont remember) but i went towards new gas to go extract at zb and i touched the barbed wire on the top of the wall and that shit killed me :/

  14. People do be going fucking overboard with the signs a lot of the time

  15. I like it when i’m exploring likenot going to the objectives but just running aroundthe border of the map and find a piss mushroom thats been visited to by a bunch of people. Randomshit like that out of the way is always funny it’s like “you guys bored too?”

  16. I need to see brazilian level lane splitting or else im not impressed lmao

  17. Coldest ive ever been out ridin in 24* you’re a crazy mofo lmao

  18. When I was 16 I rode to school in single digits I only had a leather jacket jeans boots leather gauntlets and my helmet my gloves had froze to the handlebars by the time I was done with the 12 mile ride

  19. I remember even through my gloves i could feel the cold and and at the lights i was holding my hands up against the engine lmaoo. I didnt dare do more than 40-50mph. Funny thing was my and my friend only rode through that cold to get some thermal gear so we ate the cold with just layers of clothes

  20. I love that gs shot. Its nice to see that thing actually putting in work than some old dude going up some random hill to metal music lmao

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