1. Office, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Schitts Creek, Grace and Frankie & Reno911.

  2. Arrested Development is the best written sitcom ever

  3. Season 4 was a perfectly written season, the season 4 remix and season 5 are just ok

  4. I wouldn’t be upset with this combo of tracks but it’s not amazing. Also I think of rather have some city courses from South America or Africa, like Rio, Cairo or Lagos

  5. Apparently there’s a bathroom themed course datamined in tournament

  6. Is Maria Bamboo supposed to be like Maria Bamford, the actor of Kelsey Jannings?

  7. I don’t mind guest racers, just wished I got the ability to turn them off, or better yet, pick my opposing racers

  8. “You are all the things that are wrong with you. It's not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career, or when you were a kid. It's you. Okay? It's you. Fuck, man, what else is there to say?”

  9. Sadly I think part of this is our current culture, look at brand logos, they’re all getting simplified and more plain, sometimes it happens, simplification of an art style, it can look good as some courses point out but others are worse

  10. Just like star cup of mkwii Maple Treeway Grumble volcano And koopa cape seems likely as it’s recently remade in tour.

  11. I quite enjoyed it, but it is rather forgettable

  12. At first I didn’t like this design with the neon blue outlines, but now I absolutely love it

  13. I loved all of these courses in their first edition, rock rock mountain looks a bit plain but I’m sure it’ll still be fun to drive on, it’s definitely a good cup. Not the most amazing but it’s good.

  14. Yeah but if your friends are playing and they’re new, they might go the wrong way which would be funny, having closed off is boring

  15. This is actually one rainbow road I find annoying. It’s too long for 3 laps and the music makes it feel even slower, on any speed

  16. That’s very different from the layout

  17. It was already my least favourite from the leaks, but this just cements it’s at the bottom of this wave for me, some stuff doesn’t look too bad though, mind you

  18. Nope, this particular character was not Mr Burns in the show, he was a character from history who the artists decided looked like mr burns, it does however, annoy me when things that should be costumes aren’t, like Angel Lisa for example.

  19. What does the Spotify code lead to? I hope it’s ‘get dat fetus, kill dat fetus’

  20. It’s the most detailed track we’ve seen so far, and it’s great. It all has texture

  21. Try watching the season 4 remix but every time a recap of already shown footage is used, you drink

  22. I hope with the new grumbot we’re seeing that they can do smaller crossovers again, maybe it’ll stabilise the portal. It feels like rendog hasn’t had enough time on the server to do anything important, and there’s a lot of shenanigans and storylines that could still happen.

  23. The roofs are a little flat for how long they are, maybe add some side A-wings with windows in them

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