1. Lots of things! In the UK and perhaps Europe State education State health care free at the point of care The teaching profession A good civil service Taxes being used for investment and not to pay off debt Hard honest work in a company that paid it's taxes Politics and political parties The BBC The European Union. Wearing a tie or a hat.

  2. Hm I think coopers vs sharp shinned should be lower down haha. Also storks aren’t exactly mute, as I know wood stork babies can make noise, and apparently the adults can make little ones. Also you put vampire finches twice.

  3. Me too I know at least one from each category. I would add small dogs as potential prey to seagulls and bigger dogs as potential prey to eagle owls. Also the call of a bittern sounds mega weird. First time I heard it I thought it was a far away gun .

  4. A prophet, imagined or real , draws followers and those following tend to provide a balance of entertainment for the.prophet as the.proohets so difficult and some.followers can only imagine being a follower. You could.dekete.prophet for celebrity or politician or whatever.

  5. It's a plane or a.crpposss.betwen a plane and a.sycamore but the branch has needles and certainly isn't from the poplar. The tree is a little sick probably looking at the green shoots on the bark. Where I live there.are.many of these, they were.planted to control pollution in cities but they produce horrible pollen. The branch is from a coniferous tree.

  6. It's the fairy ring mushroom circle which is caused by around 50 or 60 different types of mushroom!

  7. It depends WHAT you give as homework, and WHo you give it to. I was trained to always give homework but in Denmark they NEVER give homework!. Here in France students 3 years away from the end of senior school get about 12 hrs homework per week and that goes up and up till they Pas their baccalaureate exams, with 16-20 hrs. They start at 8 am and finish at 5 pm or later so it's a big load of homework. Students frazzle.

  8. Crows and magpies. Very intelligent . 1,5 billion neurons in their tiny skulls. That's the same as some monkey species

  9. “We’re the first to show that Chlamydia pneumoniae can go directly up the nose and into the brain where it can set off pathologies that look like Alzheimer’s disease,” Professor St John said. “We saw this happen in a mouse model, and the evidence is potentially scary for humans as well.”

  10. You can just say what you want to your dead kitty. The wind will whisper to kitty and then perhaps you will feel better. Sorry for your loss.

  11. You might want to look into some of the other areas of qigong, like nei gong, if you're more interested in the spirituality side of things. Damo Mitchell has a bunch of good videos to dig through for example this qigong foundations playlist

  12. Life pro tip: get it tested for free, just walk around with it in an airport.

  13. You also get a free full body cavity search and a trip in a police car to the station.

  14. "[We are] so preocupied with whether or not they could that no-one stopped to think whether or not they should"

  15. This is the tragedy of mankind. Every discovery can and will be used for peace or.power, hurt or harm.

  16. Not everything is rational. Life itself and it's very meaningfulness are irrational concepts. Dictators have used so called science to chase dogmas. Natzi Germany was based on collections of sculls and their measures. Somehow, racial discrimination was based on "science" and it was ok to kill people based on their measures. Of course the science was wrong, as science always is, as we.move from paradigm shift to paradigm shift. Galileo had to recant , Newton wasn't quite correct, Einstein missed some ideas or even used his wife's research. Science is a testament to what we CAN know. But we are always searching for new ideas,at the edge, standing on the shoulders of giants. There is a difference between certainty and knowledge and rationalism forgets this.

  17. You have to bring the unconscious into the conscious somehow, after analysing your dream. An example I have had a dream about shaving but then taking the cream off my face and then realising that is wrong and that I need to shave first, and then after I look and I have shaved off my beard and I don't look too bad but I have missed a.line of hair so I will have to do it properly.

  18. Just discuss "what if humans reproduced this way?"

  19. Amoeba sisters on YouTube is fun, they do binary fission and tackle meiosis and.meitosis

  20. You can have every single sign possible that a volcano is about to erupt with 100% certainty so you evacuate...

  21. As does the huge amount of underwater volcanic activity when compared to inland. Iceland is basically an underwater volcanic system that made its way to the surface and who knows what will happen next

  22. Ionisation of the rocks overlying the magma source Uptick in harmonic tremors Movement of the land up or down due to pressure called bradyseism Movement of the land seen by lasers or satellite Earthquake beforehand, sometimes even years before The glacier on top of the volcano melting or disappearing Probably infra or ultra sound Changes in the chemical composition of the magma Probably sulphur dioxide or carbon dioxide increase

  23. When you feel anger, it is protecting you from something. So how old were you when you first had.a.trauma.linked to frustration? This is when you cast into the shadow the trauma and the anger protects you from this feeling. But would it be so frustration? If you can make concious the things in your unconscious you will be whole.

  24. I remember being very upset, frustrated and feeling totally out of control when I was sent to boarding school at the age of 11. I knew my mother loved me deeply but I was traumatized by it. I'm trying to connects the dots and understand if this is linked to my high expectations, frustrations and occasional outbursts of sabotaging anger??

  25. What does your unconscious want or need ? Can you love this boy? Comfort him? Tell him that patience is ok, frustration ok, anger ok?

  26. Start conversations with people. Smile Be cool and patience Take up an active role in a sport or club with like-minded people Respect your friends and you Have zero expectations and make people laugh.

  27. If I'm a saxophone player, does it play significant role in what you mentioned?

  28. Music is a great way to meet people. Maybe you could try joining a group or something?

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