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  1. Im 37 and a half weeks and Im telling you right now my belly is OUT 99% of the time. I wish I was joking, all my maternity and jammies don't fit me very well either, when I put oil and creams on my belly I walk around airing it out too so every morning, afternoon and night! I refuse to spend $50 per clothing item for 2 more weeks of this!

  2. Ok, what about getting a curtain printed, and on the outside facing side of the curtain, have a photo of OP belly out, caressing her bare belly, Demi Moore style. Ehh?? Let’s get Annie Leibowitz in here for a photo shoot.

  3. Well it’s a good thing Kaylee is only seven. Unless she’s some kind of mutant super genius she won’t be going to college for another ten years at least. Plenty of time for Candace and Ben to start a college fund.

  4. Just wanted to say that saving for college is no joke: “The average cost of attendance for a student living on campus at a public 4-year in-state institution is $25,707 per year or $102,828 over 4 years.” Depending on the job Candace has (assuming she’s covering all the costs still), that’s $856 a month to save for the next ten years to save $102,828.

  5. Err, there's 10 years, it's not a straight 102828/(10*12) calculation. Over that time period the money needs to be invested in a reasonably stable fund and compound interest leveraged to maximise the amount. The regular repayments with an annual 5% return is more like $662.50. Still a lot but not quite as bad as $856.

  6. Good point! That makes me feel better actually :) trying to save for college, retirement, a down payment, a second car… feels so freaking impossible sometimes.

  7. If she could, I’d recommend aiming for the whiskey soaked husband!

  8. Add some curry powder for a savory scone. Or add tumeric, coriander I'd you don't have curry

  9. I went with the curry flavor! Thanks for the idea. In the oven now… we will see how it goes.

  10. They’re not bad!! I put some curry spices in, cranberries and roasted chopped almonds. I think they’d have been better with less sugar and made at 1/2 size to make them crispier generally. My wife made a yogurt sauce with cilantro and lemon and said it was a good combo. So maybe I’m onto something here!

  11. Exactly! The only thing I would be concerned about with her diet when/if my wife gets pregnant would be eating dirt (it’s a weird pregnant lady thing). Otherwise eat what you want while you GROW A FUCKING HUMAN LIFE INSIDE YOU.

  12. It’s not that it’s unavailable, but it has become very expensive to live in our area. That being said, she works remote so she could really move anywhere. She could go to a neighboring area with a lower cost of living even. Thanks for making me see that as well! This could be something I suggest if we wind up helping her find her own place.

  13. Something to consider is that folks who have been married and owning their own home for a while can be oblivious as to how to find and rent a house/apt. Speaking from experience here. I think offering to help work through all the details - cost, utilities, looking out for scumbag landlords, how to read a lease, how to do a walkthrough, etc - would be super valuable as well. All that planning and consideration might be totally overwhelming to your MIL, which is understandable. My two cents!

  14. My mom told me how I was conceived and today she just told me how she thinks my dad was conceived. My family is way too open about this shit.

  15. I was gonna say, this is one of the more relatable celebrity moments for me.

  16. Stage 1 meat baby food in a silicone squeeze tube. Never met a dog who is not gaga for it.

  17. Huh, do you buy it in the squeeze tubes or the little glass jars? I don’t have kids :)

  18. Try all beef hotdogs? I cut them up into tiny chunks so I can grab a couple and ‘jackpot’ for extra great behaviors. They house trained my pup in 3 days lol

  19. Know your audience I guess. I love it when my wife washes my car when she uses it and I’m pretty indifferent to whether she tops off the gas. But we are all different! Cater to what she wants in these small things - I swear to god it will make your relationship so much easier.

  20. I can understand her wanting to be included and wanting to go on vacation before baby arrives, but I’m not sure this is the right vacation for her. Is it possible to have another small vacation that she can be included in that you would all enjoy? (If it’s affordable for you all, if course.)

  21. That was my thought. The bad feelings might be too set, but I would ask if there’s another trip the four of you could take that seems like the thing. OP could say, Look, this doesn’t seem like a trip you’d actually enjoy. Let’s plan something else so you can have a getaway before the baby comes that it geared towards your interests. Life is long, preserve that relationship!

  22. Incognito in mask and sunglasses or just letting it all out barefaced?

  23. The things that my brain is filled with instead of basic geography and multiplication tables.

  24. Eliza's was the only one I was not 100% on. We have too much time 😅

  25. Oh my god I know. I’ve been really stressed out lately and finding solace in listening to old JJGO episodes… we were all so young and innocent in 2012!

  26. If you're in America there is a code provision for installing gfi receptacles in every location that is not grounding.

  27. I believe in Denver it’s only required that the kitchen and bathroom outlets are GFCI. I am unsure if the outlets in other rooms are ungrounded they need to have GFCI? That’s the “approved manner” question I’m not sure how to figure out.

  28. What you're referring to is part of the standard locations that require a GFI, national electrical code is just that, cities can only impose stricter codes than national. what we're talking about is the correct fix for the non grounding receptacles, where the GFI is suitable in place of a grounding receptacle. No non grounding GFI should have the load side terminals used. This is for older homes, structures new enough to have been originally grounding need repair before jumping to the GFI fix.

  29. I voted democrat all the way down even though nothing really matters and we’re all gonna die

  30. “I feel like I’m gonna die, Bart!” “We’re all gonna die, Lisa” “I meant soon” “So did I”

  31. I'd also say the desert SW is your best option. I've done Arkansas in the spring and did not like it. Weather was nice some days, but wet and dreary others. The trees don't have leaves yet, and ticks are a big problem.

  32. I’d say have a backup plan depending on the weather. I went to southern Utah last year in March and it snowed a several inches overnight during the trip. It makes reservations tricky but find some different options (check the elevation) and make your final plan a few days ahead when the weather forecast is more likely to align with reality.

  33. There is a member of the production team that makes the technicals and has to do it to test timings and recipe. It is probably done more than once, but that is my understanding of where the food is from.

  34. I had a vague memory that the judges used to make the food for the technicals that the two of them eat (and cackle over the difficulty of making). Did the judges used to do this, I wonder?

  35. Mine held up great in bad storm with very heavy winds on Catalina Island. The zippers are the weak points on the tent. They constantly get stuck.

  36. Agreed re. durability and keeping you dry in a storm. The zippers are not as good as they should be, although BA replaced them and they’re much better now.

  37. I just can’t get into it. The format has them getting so burnt out. And the commercials really cut out the time you have to get to know the bakers.

  38. For verisimilitude to the original English version, we need at least one person with a hyper specific regional accent that is near-incomprehensible. I nominate the Baltimore accent.

  39. Agree. She's not even agressive. She loves my neighbors dog but she barks till they get close. Just shut up dude. When I see a friend I don't scream until I get within smelling distance

  40. Really? My friends love when I scream at them and then sniff their groins.

  41. I’d also bet everything I have on my dogs recall. He’s had all the freedom he could ever dream of since he was born, he’s never been locked in a yard and he’s only ever on a leash by law. For him I’m the best thing in the world and other dogs and people are boring he just has 0 interest in socializing with others. He also will come to me with the command “come” or a specific tone of whistle. He’s 100% a one person dog even though he loves the rest of my family and tbh I think that’s what makes his recall so good.

  42. Yeah, dogs that are one-human oriented and are so intent on pleasing that human are typically good at recall in my experience. I can see the gears turning in my dog’s head when I ask her to do something, trying to decide if she wants to and if the reward is good enough. I wanted a more independent dog so I got what I wanted I guess!

  43. Can you provide a link to a memo on this from NPS? I’m aware that 2-3 states don’t allow hammocks in their state parks. But most do. I frequently use NPS and USFS campgrounds and have never come across a no hammock policy.

  44. What breed ofof doggo is bee?

  45. Not totally sure! Our idea is some mix of Cattle Dog and German Shorthaired Pointer.

  46. Fish based foods can be kinda smelly. You could try a topper/mix-in like freeze dried food or canned food. Alternatively, you could get a small electric kettle and just pour a little hot water on the kibble. Not sure if that’s any easier than microwaving though.

  47. We are feeding our pup Zignature whitefish formula food. It’s pretty smelly (to me) and the pup gobbles it down.

  48. My wife and I were speculating about the lives of park rangers over the summer. It seems like many rangers are young, single, active… and the rangers aren’t always posted near cities or towns where they could find civilians to date. Our question is, are all the park rangers “dating” each other all summer? If you catch my drift.

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