1. The goblin racial bonus is extremely low impact. In Dragonflight Alchemy, your skill level determines the chances of crafting potions/flasks at higher qualities. You'll have hundreds of skill levels (up to 100 from profession level, and more from the various profession knowledge unlocks and sub-specializations), so another 5 from the racial isn't going to change the math significantly.

  2. Enchanting doesn't have a standard pairing, since it's a self-sufficient profession (meaning, the materials used for enchanting are created by enchanting). A few options:

  3. XIII Trilogy is due for a remastered rerelease I think. Even if all we can expect is 4k60 4k30 with some updated textures - I know how jank the engine it's built on is.

  4. You're right - I'm mostly a PC gamer and despite owning a PS5 for some exclusive titles, I haven't really kept up on the technical specifics of what consoles can do. Looking into it more, native 4k30 is more common in the latest titles right now, with 60fps often relying on dynamic resolution (DLSS etc) to maintain framerate.

  5. In case anyone else was confused, OP is talking about the upcoming rhythm game

  6. Yeah, there is a huge supply vs. demand problem. And because you can’t specify quality, it’s largely unhelpful to use public orders for really meaningful late game items where every bit of quality matters, given the rarity of mats like sparks.

  7. To add to this, what we're seeing is the first draft of a new system. Blizz acknowledges the issues we're seeing, and will hopefully continue to iterate on it in future patches. We've already seen them reduce the cap on public crafting orders one person can fill from 20 all the way down to 4.

  8. Right. There will definitely continue to be updating and balancing just with other new features. After all, I think we can all agree that DF renown is massively superior to SL covenant renown, as one recent example of a system being changed for the better.

  9. Yep! SL renown was a bit obtuse (remember how flooded this subreddit was with questions of "how do I earn renown?"). The DF version of renown is much smarter, using the Renown Track tech they developed but mixing it with the old pre-SL rep systems. Best of both worlds.

  10. To reach the raid yourself, you'll need to do the Legion questlines (including the once-per-account Uniting the Isles) to unlock access to Argus. This doesn't take too long, but you'll want to look up exactly which questlines are needed.

  11. Yes, but you can only select a minimum quality on a personal order, not a public order

  12. This is the answer. Note that in many cases crafting the highest quality (rank 5) requires an Inspiration proc and isn't 100% guaranteed. For some additional mats, the crafter can try a "recraft" to take another shot at getting the inspiration bonus. This is something you'll want to negotiate with your crafter - some will do recrafts on their own dime, others will ask you to provide the materials or a bit of extra gold for each necessary recraft. It's common for high ilvl pieces to require 3-4 recrafts before you get that lucky max-ilvl roll.

  13. As far as macros go, Icy Veins has a list of some good ones.

  14. It looks like our automod removed this post because of the tinyurl link. I've checked it out and re-approved it, but I ask that in the future you just link directly to the source without URL shorteners/obfuscators. If you link directly to IcyVeins, we know immediately that the link is safe and relevant.

  15. Like others have said, leveling as a tank spec is totally viable. You're slightly worse on single-target damage (though bears in particular aren't that much worse than a DPS spec), but you make up for it in efficiency by being able to pull entire enemy camps at once without dying.

  16. The Operation Shieldwall questline was a max level questline when MoP was current, so it won't be available until you reach MoP's current unscaled max level (level 40, I think).

  17. And that's fine! Though like others here have mentioned, one tweak I'd recommend is rebinding Strafe Left/Right to A/D and leaving Turn Left/Right unbound entirely. Q and E are valuable skill keybinds, and turning with the keyboard is unbearably clunky compared to the speed and precision of steering via Right Click and drag.

  18. It's all soulbound gear, so your only options are Disenchant or Sell To Vendor. Transmog appearances are unlocked automatically when a piece of gear becomes soulbound, so you don't need to equip them or keep them around for that purpose.

  19. Go to hillsbrad foothills and then silverpine forest

  20. OP, if you follow this advice you'll only make it to level 35 before quests stop scaling. As others have mentioned, the intended new player route is through the three Zandalar zones.

  21. If it makes you feel better, the charges will cap out at 6, so you'll only be behind for a few weeks. Plus, the value of charges drops drastically once you have your 4-set bonus (and if you don't yet, you should still be trying for pieces from raid bosses and Great Vault in addition to the catalyst). As we get into the second half of the season, everyone's gonna be sitting on 6 charges with nothing left to spend new ones on besides transmog.

  22. Would not happen. For the most part, the CR crew are all retired from voice acting. And can just choose the roles they want. Think he would be great for it.

  23. They're also turbo nerds and may choose to be involved in a project like an FF9 Remake just out of passion (and, of course, a nice paycheck).

  24. While they are nerds, they can choose their own projects. They probably would not choose it for ff9. At least that is just from what I know of them. Travis for example is not an rpg guy to start with. He is a call of duty guy, which he already got to play in.

  25. I guess you're right. You seem to know them better than me.

  26. By just playing the game the way it was meant to be played. Go out and do questlines, WQs, bonus objectives, gathering professions, dungeon queues to mix things up... Just stay active and the XP/hr should keep flowing.

  27. my brother in Christ, what if someone played the game it was meant to be played I don't know, about seven times already on their main and six alts - and now they are sick of doing that?

  28. that did it thanks. sometimes i overlook the simple lol

  29. Ah, the old "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

  30. Not on my resto shaman right now but think its nearly as high as crit (for m+) according to the Pawn addon but I could be wrong!

  31. You might be right about what Pawn says, but it's extremely likely that the Pawn is wrong. Pawn works on a set of preprogrammed stat weights (aka the value of each stat as a ratio compared to other stats). But stat weights are not static - as you get more of each stat, the value of that stat drops and the value of others seem to rise. There are soft caps and breakpoints and diminishing returns to be considered, and Pawn does none of that.

  32. Thanks. I do try and not go above 30% of a secondary stat but haven't done proper simming. I tried Mr robot and it was suggesting some really weird changes so I think I had it configured wrong.

  33. I wouldn't stick to that 30% thing as a rule - each stat is different, and each spec treats each stat different. There are some where you'll cap out around like 17% and others you'll easily push over 60%. There's no rhyme or reason.

  34. Hey! So what you did there was the introduction quests to the Legion expansion - the ill-fated assault on the Broken Shore. This quest is set up as a scenario that you queue into, because it's quite scripted and wouldn't function if just placed in the open world. When Legion was current, you would often be accompanied by up to 40 other players from your faction on this quest, but Blizzard knew the crowd wouldn't last forever so they made sure there were NPCs riding along who could complete the quest if you were to get queued in solo. The whole sequence was meant to be a somewhat cinematic opening scene for a new expansion.

  35. This thread is the only place I've seen people who keep w as movement a s d are a lil to low and are nice for back pedal and strife but forward movement is mouse only

  36. I assure you, people keep WASD for movement outside of this thread. Confining movement to mouse only is extremely limiting, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  37. Yeah wait till you hear BIG FAT TACOS

  38. “Boomer turn based” is hilarious!!! Lmao I’m a boomer then, guilty as charged!! Lmao!!

  39. Double LMAOs and every sentence ends in multiple exclamation marks? You nailed it, boomer!

  40. Someone who thought your post was funny, unfortunately. The way you seemed so smitten with the phrase "boomer turn based" and then portrayed that in a way that was stereotypically boomer made me laugh.

  41. You really must live in a different universe or something because in my 18 years of playing this game I've heard an unfathomable amount of negativity instead of people 'protecting' the game. Like, even when things are pretty good people still find things to heavily criticize for some reason. So much so that we actually had to make it into two separate rules on this sub.

  42. Zal, please. You were specifically told in the first paragraph that OP doesn't want their position challenged or countered in any way. If you don't want to agree with them, you gotta just ignore it and move on. Echo chamber thread only!

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