1. I guess im fine. I know I sure as hell didn't do what I did to get my ass smacked again. I wish it was broke down better why i was getting my ass smacked though, like help me grow into what I'm supposed to be doi g rather than take a ass whooping a few times a week.

  2. That is your cable/internet providers line to your house. That should be a ground block with a ground to your power ground wire. If you have them for a service, notify them that you are not correctly hooked up and ask them to install a box to clean it up a bit. 7/16" wrench would break these apart.

  3. I read 46k annual. I think you would be very hard pressed to find a machinist job paying $46/hr.

  4. Hell yeah!!! Congratulations!!! You can stuff them in the saddlebag for a couple of months til they it around 20lb. After that just get a plastic dome and screw it to the tour pack. That'll get ya by for a few more months. Then it's off to ratchet straps and car seats.

  5. Black restore from any auto place. Maguires made a good one.

  6. What are those? What do old people call them?? I’m out of the loop here

  7. Are you asking as it sits? Or if it was pulled off and re-conditioned? As it sits, jb weld and send the fucking bolt back up, yeehaw cowboy shit right there. To recondition it, go to a pick and pull, then replace. Seriously though, i dont know how hot that area get, depending on temp might could get away with injecting ceralloy into it but i have my doubts.

  8. Christians really got this one fucked up. Christianity went too hard in the bible paint. It's really simple. Love one another and embrace them. Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone. That simple line really kinda says it all. There are "rules" in leviticus, but that is not the job of humans and especially Christians. I walked away from the church honestly because I found out about Christmas. Then it had me thinking about more and more shit the church has pulled for numbers. For what it's worth, not all Christians are cunts. I can definitely see why people pushed past religion, and I don't blame them. Just know I dont give a shit if you're black, yellow, fat, skinny gay or trans. You will always be treated as a human being with me. Genuine human compassion and embracing eachothers differences will be the great prevail. I could never in a million years imagine doing what this person has done to their child to my own. In 20 years this lady is going to realize how fucking stupid she truly was.

  9. How are separate bills for a group of ten any different from separate bills for ten strangers?

  10. Because there is automatically an 18% upcharge added to the total before tip.

  11. Tire iron, foot slipped off and the summbitch popped off the lug nut and found another. My stomach still aches thinking about it.

  12. Looks like Arnie from what's eating gilbert grape. Match in the gas tank boom boom.

  13. People don't realize how shitty ambulance companies pay their workers. Its really sad

  14. I met a ems worker in Memphis, fucking Memphis Tn and he made 15 an hour. My mind was completely blown away.

  15. 15 hr is nice in Tennessee. Out here in California there's no way you can live off of 15 an hour

  16. $15/hour isn't nice in Memphis, TN. It wasn't nice in 2013 and sure isnt now

  17. I was surprised at how much better that bike looked in person. I wouldn't pay for it, but it was a nice-looking bike.

  18. Hahaha. It kinda reminds me of the Dodge BumbleBee. The yellow is sutble. Like i said, in person, it hits differently. It's shit in pictures.

  19. What happen if a Boy scout knock on the door to sell cookie, but he is not old enough to know how to Read?

  20. Lots of people projecting their daddy issues.

  21. You're right. Just a retarded fucking dad pissed that he had a hotshit set-up of a practice for his daughter. Then, he has the nerve to look at her sternly for his blatent stupidity.

  22. How dare he have emotions and makes mistakes!

  23. The only mistake is his emotions to his daughter for his mistakes.

  24. Thats awesome they tried. While we can justify spending money on quality shooting related things it may be harder for others to do so. They probably checked reviews and they came up good and went full send. Throw it on a airsoft and twll them it worked great on the ar.

  25. Hahahaha. Love it. Better than me. We had just watched wrecked it ralph earlier in the week and i couldnt stop quoting the movie. I was in the shower saying," im bad and thats not good. I may never be good and thats not bad." Well one day right before were about to bump uglies i scream," im gonna wreck it" she lost her shit and we had giggle sex.

  26. You tap the elevation or windage knob after turning the amount of clicks needed to help it seat into the spot correctly. Does it work? Once my shit was zeroed it was good to go. Is it a proven method? It worked for me and it kinda makes sense, whether it holds merit or not i dont know. What i did worked so why mess with it.

  27. Honest to God, hat's off to you city folks. Most parallel parking summbitches I've ever seen. I've thought about getting a bumper sticker just for when I go to the city that says ," sorry for my driving I ain't from the city". Gimme a trailer, gimme a boat Ill back up all day long. Parallel parking in the city, nah.

  28. The part that sucks about parallel parking is EVERYONE you is watching. Or at least I have that feeling, this video proves that I am right. 😱

  29. Yes!!!! Pittsburgh is about an hour away. Every fucking time I have to go there it's a deal. Pittsburgh lefts, unrelatable lanes to exits, its a shit show for a guy like me.

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