1. I've never managed to spam it fast enough to get a mis-buy. Are you sure you're manually spamming, and not using scripts/macros/turbo buttons, etc?

  2. Why would anyone use macro or script on their quick buy button

  3. Started as a reasonable post then took a huge swing.

  4. For me it has been, want this series 4 card? No? How about Wasp? Nick Fury? Oh, you fell asleep…that was probably Sera. Good morning, would you like this series 5 card?

  5. Cards don't refresh if you don't open the app. You can't miss cards if you don't open it.

  6. Man I hope they add some kind of forfeit mechanic that makes you lose half cubes to counter non-preferred locations/draws.

  7. That's like (3 + 7) x 2 = 20? Wave + Galactus + skip + Infinaut = 23.

  8. Tbh you only have 3 power on turn 5. They will probably be up and have the priority.

  9. alright, yeah just remembered, also you can bkb in for example you get nightmared and mirana arrows ur ( in between those 2stuns) but for example you can do this combo against phase shift

  10. Extra information: It is because Searing Arrow deals the damage first, after 0.1 seconds the stun is applied. So the sleeping unit is awake for 0.1 seconds and it is enough for bkbing.

  11. Lets assume both of my opponent and me playing the same devil dino deck. If I play cable and draw their dino then play it, they have no idea it is their dino right ? If that’s the case, doesn’t the variants let him know it is his dino?

  12. What is the point of the model size increasing with Giant’s Ring?

  13. Fun, also it might be to let the opponents and allies know you have free pathing.

  14. Öğrenmek gibi bir derdim yok. Sadece aklımdan geçeni yazdım. Başlıkta istendiği gibi.

  15. O halde yarrak gibi bir aklın olduğunu beyan etmek isterim.

  16. Ikisi ayni sey degil. Bir tanesi dini (kisisel) digeri ise geleneksel(toplumsal). Musluman namaz kilicak diye otobusun zaman planlamasini degistirilicekse Zabarzabur dinine inanan kisi “ otobusu saga cekin 45 dakika surucek olan ayinimi yapmam lazim “ demesine de okey olunmasi lazim. O kapinin yolu acildigi zaman da cok absurt yerlerere varir.

  17. It seems like there’s so many people the coordinator is overloaded

  18. Do the cavern crawl and weekly quests get completed when the matches " count "?

  19. You still can I believe, removed gems are still marketable.

  20. I extracted some gems yesterday and they have “ Not Marketable “ tag on steam inventory

  21. they must've updated it because of the free arcana issues with marketable extracted gems

  22. Is it temporary ? Do you have any idea or assumptions ?

  23. What buildings do I build as Vampire Coast ? Do I just build every military as Cylostra and only recruit from her and from raise dead for other Lords and only build infrastructure buildings on settlements ?

  24. If you don’t have the dlc that unlocks Wood Elves, does this Dlc unlock them ?

  25. WH3: Which DLCs would you guys recommend ? I know it mostly depends on what faction I like to play but I have no idea if a DLC of my favorite factions are worth it or I don’t know if locked factions are fun. I was considering getting Norsca cause mammoths seems fun and Skaven one because I read that vanilla Skaven is dull.

  26. Unfortunately Repanse’s quest battle is bugged at the moment

  27. Don’t forget the [[Ajani, Strength of the Pride]] board wipe that angels can run. Absolute mirror breaker

  28. I would give literally everything for them to play this card on turn 4 rather than CoCo or second Resplendent Angel/Valkyrie

  29. Warhammer 1 olmadan 2. oyunu oynamanizi onermem. Ilk oyun olmadan Mortal Empires campaign ine erisiminiz olmuyor, o olmadan da oyun acikcasi bayiyor. Sadece Vortex campaigni oynayabiliyorsunuz. Daha once Warhammer oynamayanlar icin Vortex ve Mortal Empires farki su; daha kucuk bir map, daha az oynanabilir faction ve en kotusu olan ise haritanizda rastgele beliren ordular olmasi ve tek amaci sizi bosuna yormak olan horde olmalari. Eu4 oynadiginizi dusunun ama her 50 yilda ulkenizin rastgele bir yerinde 20k lik atli ordusu belirdigini dusunun, ya da Civilization’da random bir sehrinizin her 40 turda bir kere kampsiz bir sekilde spawn olan barbar ordusuyla isgale ugradigini. Sandbox deneyimini cok olumsuz etkiledigi icin beni cok baymisti.

  30. Bro you got ballista on the walls. You can use them. Shoot down a few and retreat. Save and repeat. I could get about 60-100 guys each run. Retreat spam is cheesy but I only do it in situations like this.

  31. Why don’t you simply cheat and save yourself an hour?

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