1. This whole thread is a train wreck. Please, everyone, start over:

  2. I'd be vanning it out with this , so its all or nothing. Anything else I should keep an eye or ear out for when I test drive?

  3. Remove the other lug nuts and roll the car a few feet, shake it side to side.

  4. Thanks for the response! They said I don’t have a warranty meaning the guy I bought it from probably didn’t get one when he bought the car.. currently just waiting to hear back on the quote they’re going to throw at me but yes a very expensive lesson.

  5. My uncle gave me the trailer and he said the compressor I can have because we couldn’t get it off, it’s been sitting like 10 years. He said he used it to sandblast, also he said it will need a tune up and the compressor might need a rebuild. And new tires for have the rims

  6. It's not worth anything if it doesn't work and you don't know what's wrong with it.

  7. Does your tachometer normal stay on zero when cranking?

  8. Please describe the problem using words. Your video doesn't show any issue. The camera is moving around, and we cannot hear any noises, because we don't know what we are supposed to be listening for

  9. That's concerning to hear. If the parts are that expensive I might have to look at a different car. I'm very concerned if repairs are going to be locked behind a computer

  10. The answer is going to be yes. Even in 2003, they were starting to lock features behind software. There are guys in the community who can still work the code on the older models, but they've almost certainly locked those systems behind a dealer encryption key by 2020.

  11. The folks at the auto parts store would probably help. They have screwdrivers and wrenches that they loan out, and are typically encouraged to help customers with simple tasks. They would help install windshield wiper blades, test your battery, or check the service light on the dashboard.

  12. Burial at sea. Fish food. I love the ocean.

  13. Surprisingly difficult to research a legal way to accomplish this.

  14. Illegal in some states. Amazon won't ship one to you in California or Colorado.

  15. If the key won't physically turn, it's probably the steering wheel lock.

  16. How does everybody feel about Seafoam in this situation?

  17. There are two ways to remove that bolt, the right way... Or the last way.

  18. What should I do though. This picture is of the rears, the fronts are done and this is a fwd car. Should I order all 4 or just two for the front?

  19. Depends on what kind of deal you can get on a set of 4, the weather, and whether you have the cash or not.

  20. Looks like that engine may not have a fuel pressure test port/valve.

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