1. Not what I said at all. You commented on the hobby boxes, I did purchase those recently. WTF does it matter I wanted peoples opinion on that card, it really is that simple.

  2. It’s pretty reasonable to bring up the fact that a “beginner” has more hobby boxes in his possession at one time than many have purchased over the course of years. Not hating on it.

  3. You said “You’re new to collecting but have 10+ unopened hobby boxes sitting on your table?”

  4. If you'd like I can send you a DM. This is more of a one on one convo

  5. What are your goals? Long term appreciation, monthly income, etc?

  6. Well, as I mentioned, I don't currently have an income. Though I have enough money in the bank to sustain us comfortably for a couple years. So I will need to establish some annual income in the next couple of years.

  7. Click on the karma and it will take you to a little popup showing both

  8. Play in the big boy! I plan to play in my first Main Event in 2022 and hopefully for years after!

  9. Real Estate Investing really interests me. I have remodeled and built houses before. The Real Estate Syndicate world is intriguing but also foreign to me.

  10. Glad to hear that you're TX based and so no state or local taxes.

  11. My understanding is that prior to close my parents will transfer stock to us kids, we will then sell it at closing to the buyer. Since we haven't held that asset for more than a year it would be considered short term and subject to the higher rate. At least according to Google and YouTube. :)

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