Calling All Ape in the US of A! The Senate Bill 686 Restrict Act/"Anti-Tiktok" bill is coming for YOU!

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  1. Can someone call collect and see if there is a pre-recorded msg saying FU

  2. IMHO these SVB bags can’t be settled to prevent a domino effect. That’s why the governments are forcing and helping other banks to acquire their bags to kick the can just a bit longer.

  3. Lmao at the last statement. Like raising interest rates is gonna paper hand anyone

  4. Not just the NSCC, it was also the MM who internalized trades in the days leading up to the Sneeze...specifically, Citadel who sold shares, it didn't own, on the way up.

  5. it's part of the formula. And that the equity's value has been above approx. $5 billion since the sneeze should also factor in. So far, no movement on this matter from the brokerages.

  6. Market Makers have an exemption on the FTDs which enables this corruption. They use dark pools to reset the timer and Swaps to avoid reporting.

  7. Illegal naked short sales in, fail-to-delivers (and stolen money) out.

  8. I know what I'll do... I'll lend myself all the imaginary shares I could ever need! What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Their bad bets never go away and this one is gonna cost them big time.

  10. Lol it seems to me they want ONLY the poors to feel the effects of the fight against inflation. Anytime wall street and the rich are worried aboot the inflation fight hurting (junk)asset prices the FED rides in with some new mechanism for creating money for them.

  11. For the ownership class, inflation only hits them in the form of wage increases. When wages are too high, if you force companies to lay off the workers will compete among each other for the remaining wages effectively pushing down the cost of wages. This is all they care about.

  12. Skeleton crews as the status quo cause train derailments ☕😁 change my mind

  13. If this were true, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to release it via Market Watch on a Friday.

  14. *glares at $1 bill* if thats for the poors what am i? but i got 12 stocks weather they go up or not i will never sell for what $200 ? lmfao , they dont exist i am not a investor i am a ape.

  15. Well the most popular twitch streamers like to dog nfts. It’s trendy.

  16. I wonder if any of them are being compensated secretly to share those opinions... 🤔

  17. You'd have to be as obtuse as a ruler to not see that there are more shares in existence than there should be. That grey area represents all the shares held in brokerage and retirement accounts all around the world. I'd wager that there are way, way more people out there with unregistered shares than are currently registered. The question is by what magnitude?

  18. Maybe that means institution's are picking up the phone and asking DRS holders what their price is to sell out?

  19. My phone, much like my controller, was never plugged in 😁

  20. And if this trend continues, we will someday be able to achieve everything we ever imagined possible... using nobody at all!

  21. Where have I heard recently of tech giants who don’t have any exposure to a new tech wanting a unilateral pause of research on it, supposedly for our own safety?

  22. For my next trick! Watch me make this smart money... disappear!!!

  23. Of course my Iowa State Senators don't work on Fridays, and their voicemail is conveniently full so they don't have to have anything on record.

  24. It’s pretty goddamn disgusting how they create bills. The title says one thing but shit hidden in the middle is where the devastating effects really are

  25. It honestly feels like we're living through something similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union. No citizen across the spectrum trusts the government, institutions, or each other. They can't keep the facade up anymore so now the boot is coming.

  26. 9 out of 10 baggies agree... Uranus is the safest place to hodl these shares.

  27. Fun fact: Lehman had exposure to VW in 08

  28. If this is definitely a reference to pee wees bike by the gamestop team, could somebody please enlighten me with what gamestop could possibly be hinting at here? (why would pee wee/ pee wee's bike be significant for gamestop?)

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