1. 15,000 workers, where did this number come from?

  2. would you say “men comedians aren’t funny”? I doubt that. so yeah, it was a sexist comment

  3. I’d say if she feels like that, that’s prolly for a reason.. She might feel she needs to compete for your devotion with the person that doesn’t even “exist” irl and yet still lose. Kinda understandable

  4. How do now know 'if a man has a spouse ' when you're literally in the spouse's said bedroom and in the house with a child.

  5. I met a guy once he said there were kid’s clothes in his flat cos his daughter came to stay the weekends. those mf are pretty inventive.

  6. if they all are gross, why is he being such a dick… btw I don’t think his gay, just immature. and in some cultures some men think it’s humiliating to go down on women. don’t give him blow jobs and that’s it. or find smo who would do what you want. you’re prolly won’t be together forever, as I see it from your post.

  7. Well the answer we live in two different countries and plus his not on social media (smart boy) but not so smart because someone reached out to me that knows him ( his live in partners daughter) Urrrgggg it's a mess

  8. they do it cos they know they’ll get away with it. that you’ll have them back. you should say from the beginning that if they cheat, you walk away and then proceed with doing as you said. no second chances. love yourself, don’t hold onto relationship. then you’ll attract the right person. those mf just sense weakness. it’s not about you, it’s about crime and punishment. be the cop, not the victim, so to say.

  9. dunno, I hate facial hair and always tell about it openly, but if you don’t want to shave it’s your choice. just be ready that someone may not find it attractive. once again you absolutely don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

  10. I’ll be straight with it. If you continue to hang out with her waiting till she’s single, she’ll prolly see what you’re doing here and lose all respect for you, even if just subconsciously. So tell her how you feel and don’t ever agree to be “just friends” cos it won’t work out anyway

  11. As a woman; do NOT pretend to be her friend while you’re waiting for her to break up with her boyfriend. It’s such a crappy feeling losing a friend, let alone because they weren’t really your friend but just someone that had the hots for you. It feels icky, cause you feel like you got treated as a “sex object” rather than a friend. (Not saying you just want to have sex with her/you weren’t her friend, but that’s more than likely where her brain would spiral to.)

  12. I’d say its ok if you feel they have only friendship on their mind. In my experience friendship with boys only works if you’re a part of a bigger group of friends. But if you hang out one on one, honestly, I have only bad experience here, when those people were just pretending to be friends.

  13. I am just gonna preface what everyone reading is already thinking - you're quite young at 21 and this man who's a decade older than you is playing you

  14. I did actually break up with my ex then they asked that. Don’t know why they got the impression I would tolerate that..

  15. Its a bit of a ridiculous response to you not knowing about a rather obscure tolkien work.

  16. it’s actually a famous book. I can’t care less about fantasy and still know it.

  17. Yikes. That's if I reach out, he might that as a chance to be vindictive?

  18. maybe not consciously, but yeah. I think there’s no trust he won’t keep doing something like that again.

  19. you should’ve answered him. on the day of your date he thought you were disrespectful (fragile ego I suppose) and thought he could taught you and you would blow his phone up. but you went silent, so a month later he became curious af and fell into his own trap. as soon as he’s turned the tables he’ll lose interest. he’s insecure and immature.

  20. So many of the questions are actual bullshit. Like stupid historical facts no one knows.

  21. I have and he just plainly put it, “you go back, you lose me.”

  22. when it’s not meant to be. sorry. that should be your only answer to that. because a loving person wouldn’t set such ultimatums. it’s just not what comes from the place of love.

  23. I understand that’s better than in many countries, but it still looks neither compatible nor appetizing to me…

  24. because i am stupid and hoping it’ll go back to normal or he’ll be like how he was when he isn’t as busy….i know! a bit delusional

  25. don’t waste your time girl, if it’s not that valuable to be fixed. you don’t seem to be in love with him, do you? people usually don’t get passionate after they stopped being passionate. maybe he’ll wake up when he has lost you. if not, you deserve the best.

  26. Video is enough. But he said she only shows the top half of her head... which is still hiding something

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