Hasan's community changing definitions for optics...

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  1. Cheers I am currently doing this it’s only as my throat gets fucked after a sesh

  2. Hit that shit w a cough drop in your mouth

  3. In the northeast, there can be a blizzard and state of emergency called and you still gotta show up for work.

  4. And they’re the best days to work if you can get there because there are so few transactions :’)

  5. I forget the name of the lake. It starts with an O I think?

  6. Lake Oconee. Victims were Russell and Shirley Dermond.

  7. That explains a lot about you.

  8. Wow, your relative should have her feet sawed off.

  9. Your spelling of her name on point in this context! Just remember it is CanDeath Omens when discussing her antivax misinfo grifts!

  10. I was in this guild for a month or so until it blew up a couple of weeks ago. Then they just disbanded a few days ago because "there's too much bad pr surrounding our guild now". I wasn't very active because of hiw much traveling i fo, but I'm honestly not surprised they've got people filming computers with their phone, and not doing basic maths correctly.

  11. the phone recording is worse than all of that

  12. You can't be racist towards white people tho.

  13. lmao serves you right for overserving. personal responsibility, take some.

  14. You lost me on that last part. You don't think that parents should post pictures of their kids at all?

  15. Should honestly be a capital offense.

  16. The mods can’t stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water.

  17. I’m worried that the mods think people can’t change :(

  18. Clearly not, or they wouldn't have said it. Get off your fucking high horse.

  19. get high off fucking your horse

  20. this is snake war accelerationist propaganda

  21. Stop whatever you’re doing and watch American Psycho

  22. I've seen Rogan IRL interacting with a cashier; he's crazier than you'd expect. It's not an act.

  23. I saw Joe Rogan at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

  24. Or is he….. If what you’re saying is correct there’s a whole lot of kool aid drinkers. Something was fishy, you have to admit. I mean, biden can’t put a sentence together and he’s really struggling health wise, and has been. Let’s not forget, 10% for the big guy, and showers with his grand daughter. Even if ballots weren’t changed or otherwise suppressed, the media hiding all of these factors surely benefited O’biden

  25. ok but none of that makes the election stolen

  26. Supply and demand is political? Blue cities/states have cheaper housing than red cities/states?

  27. How long have you gone without knowing that economics is political?

  28. Apparently in Japan their phones will not turn off the shutter sound even if it’s on silent, to combat perverts taking upskirt/ creepy photos

  29. Well clearly they are because I'm not aware of them. Just only the 3% from this post alone.

  30. Does that make them smart, or does it make you ignorant?

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