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  1. does it have any online capabilities? it's literally the only reason that's keeping me from pirating. my high sEAs version of the sims 4 has gallery access, but fromsoft is waay stricter with online stuff

  2. The servers on the previous titles aren't that lively these days, and you have to go offline if you want to play with mods anyway

  3. The fact that one of these dolls made it to the corner instead of Srajo or Nishagora heavily implies their significance in the coming arc. I think Tsukushi is keeping them out of focus for now, but has some big plans for them.

  4. Did you get them? Was it worth it? I need to know.

  5. Yep and those two bosses are Alonne and Fume I assume

  6. Fume has a bonfire right next to his arena with only 2 slow big boys in your way. Smelter demon (both), Gank Trio, Lud and Zallen on the other hand...

  7. Just a reminder that if it wasn't for these scenes, a lot of the obnoxious people from the original posts' comments could've possibly been a part of the fandom. And that's a good riddance, Tsukushi did a great job filtering out the holier-than-thou moralists and keeping them away from associating with his series. Say what you will, but that's what keeps fandom on a half decent level.

  8. I never said the problem is simple. And yeah, if I remember properly, many homeless move to CA specifically from all over the US.

  9. If you don't plan on affording a house anytime soon, might as well move somewhere where they're overpriced anyway.

  10. You can get yourself a disability certificate for $6,000 or buy yourself a volunteer status for about the same price. But now in Ukraine the minimum wage is $150 per month, $300 is the average salary, $500 is considered good. Products in Ukraine now cost about the same as in Europe, the rent of a one-room apartment in Kyiv is $200 per month, a liter of gasoline is $1.40. So as you can imagine, very few people can afford to spend $6,000. And given the fact that unemployment is now in the country, many men join the army for the sake of money. The salary of a soldier in Ukraine is $800 per month.

  11. Starve to death or (maybe) get shot to death. That's a grim fuckin outlook. There needs to be more push to let them leave the country freely, but of course nobody cares enough. People further west paint them as heroes, without a single though for those who have no choice. Then we have Poland where everyone just complains about the wave of refugees. I hate how little the life a man is worth, especially to people who pretend to care.

  12. I am sure that Europe also does not really want the Ukrainian border to be opened. First, the new wave of refugees is a blow to the economy. And secondly, if Ukrainian men do not fight with Russia, then the Europeans themselves may have to fight. This is partly why other subs are so actively supporting the Ukrainian government and their decision not to let men go abroad. You can point as much as you want to the violation of the constitution of Ukraine, as much as you want to point out the illegality of the actions of the government. But you will still be answered that you support Russia and are trying to shake up the situation in the country, undermine confidence in the government.

  13. We watch human rights die before our very eyes the second "greater good" is concerned. We never got past dark ages, brief moments of peace only make us forget how blood thirsty the common consensus can be.

  14. This has unlocked a memory for me. My dad used to have one of these and sometimes when i was really bored as a kid i would just stare at it waiting for the number to change (It did every few minutes and had a visible countdown). That stuff was prime entertainment when you had to go to church every sunday.

  15. In all these scenarios you start by farming a shit ton of souls to overlevel to safety. You do that in DS2 and it literally skips the lord souls. you get infinite lifegems. and there's no platforming between the shrine of winter and nashandra.

  16. You can beat DS2 in about 6 hours just by playing casually and skipping the major souls to farm rotten. I can't imagine attempting a no death run in any other souls game, but in this one i managed to get all the way to the end just to get comically rolled over by the massive statue head at Giant Lord boss fight.

  17. You can get just enough to kill him about 4-5 times. With how much souls he drops on NG+, that's enough to push you over the 1 million soul memory threshold to open Shrine of Winter.



  20. well for example Chronicles of Myrtana was made on the basis that gothic 3 is not canon

  21. Is there some contradictions between the Chronicles and Gothic 3? As far as i know they take place before all other games.

  22. In their FAQ they clearly said they only take account of G1 and G2 and the lore behind them because that what happend with myrtana in G3 is just bad

  23. Oh, didn't know that. I tried getting myself into Gothic 3 at one point, but it just didn't feel like Gothic. Playing through this mod right now and it seems there finally is a sequel i never knew i could hope for.

  24. Unrelated but the asda price chocolate is actually really good, esp for how you can grab 3 large bars for a pound.

  25. I actually got a bar of smart price milk chocolate to melt for a brownie, but eventually got desperate enough to snack on it. As far as regular store chocolate goes, I'm amazed how decent it turned out. Not overly sweet, you can taste the chocolate and it has none of that weird artificial chocolate-flavored feel to it.

  26. The fact that the image has a play button anoys me.

  27. Apologies, part of the template that didn't get covered.

  28. Sounds like a good time to start over, I hope to see servers alive more than ever.

  29. What was it anyway? Bitch-ass re**it removed it.

  30. Imagine spending 25 dollars to generate the most generic anime girl you've ever seen.

  31. There are people who spend 10× that to get a single picture of their generic fursona sucking dick.

  32. I managed to do a pure mage run by rushing to the new camp, buying out ice scrolls and then immediately running into the orc territory and towards the tower to kill the fire golem with them. The golem drops an item that allows you to cast fireballs much like runes and it can carry you through most of the game. You can also use it to kill the ice golem for some variety. I tried speedrunning it and managed to kill both in 15 minutes from starting the game. Of course that's a very roundabout way of going about it, but if you ever wanna try going pure magic, that's the only way i can think of.

  33. The hearts?? Don't tell me you can use them and I never found that out!

  34. Yep, they are very much usable, and quite useful at that. Too bad if you get them in regular progression the game makes you hand them over 5 minutes later.

  35. What happens if someone wants to derive your class and needs to access those private members tho?

  36. Having access to them would be a bad thing, but since it's needed we'll just make a getter and setter function for each one so they can be modified anyway, that'll make it way more intuitive, won't it?

  37. Cool idea if you hate fresh air and sunlight

  38. How do you get so much xp? And how do you handle enemies like wargs without access to paladin tier armor? best armor in the chapter one is the water circle one I assume? wargs still twoshot you in that one I think

  39. It's mostly about clever use of scrolls. Proper use of transformations allowed me to kill pretty much everything besides the ork elite in the dark forest. My character is currently at lv 15 and just getting to the DLC, still gets one shot by a warg, but never had to face one directly.

  40. Yeah, I'm saving them until the ratio gets 4:1. Just noticed that Sagitta gives you the option to learn the permanent dex potion for 20 points. It's quite an investment, so i didn't check if it actually lets you learn it as the first potion.

  41. The idea is when you teleport, your real body now stays alive, but it makes a copy of you at your location you want to go, and when you’re done there, the new memories get transferred back to the real you and the fake you that was made gets destroyed

  42. Imagine waking up knowing that you're a copy and that you're getting killed as soon as this one small family trip is over just for another, older version of you to harvest your memories. Just seems like a few days of constant mental anguish, not a nice thing to absorb when your copy gets back from the trip.

  43. Am i the only one bothered by the fact that every single new default skin has the Alex face? I mean it's literally the exact same set of pixels just with a few different colors. Steve gets a beard, about 10 new guys and not a single new facial feature.

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