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  1. We’ve been selling to China for like 10 years now out of there

  2. Lol. Wonder how many hotspot owners that've been banned from Discord ended up on the deny list?

  3. Idk I know that fucking discord was bam happy for any little thing. But figured I’d try to help since I’ve seen so many post lately. I had one put on deny list and I just put up a new unit I got so many extra bobcats lmao

  4. Turn that $50k into $700k cement yourself among the WSB goats.

  5. This happens once every few years ignore it. They’ll pass funding lmao

  6. You must have placed your hotspot in an oversaturated or baren location.

  7. I have 25 bobcat sitting if you want some lol

  8. Trd kit can be bought here if you're fine with import time frames

  9. We've pushed our two adversaries closer together, all because Hillary lost her election.

  10. Those 2 together can’t do shit. China is a manufacturing powerhouse but one that can’t produce if the west isn’t willing to consume if they overplay their political hand.

  11. True but that's an even more fragile trading relationship politically than US Chinese relations.

  12. Kind of out dated. This is some ww2 Era stuff

  13. Auto has cool sensor cameras that tell you when the car in front moves in traffic or the ABS, different wheels

  14. Heat like a quick pass over with a torch lighter

  15. I can't believe it took this far down to find this comment

  16. It's a reddit-ism I think. The Helium community on reddit appears to be comprised almost entirely of cryptobros looking for the best coin for their buck. I think it's just spill over from the other crypto/WSB type subs.

  17. Lame brain take. Even if you believe in it you should also expect ROI because they marketed it as the peoples network so you get paid to provide coverage. I got 50 units up and I think decentralized network will hopefully be the future. Still ideas like you should “support the idea for nothing” makes you sound like the lowest tier of a pyramid scheme.

  18. Bought 50 miners because you got marketed to that you would get paid to provide coverage, eh? Sounds like you're exactly the type of cryptobro I'm talking about.

  19. Even if I don’t make a crazy profit the minimum anyone should expect as an investor is ROI otherwise there’s no point. To invest in anything and expect nothing no matter how you like the project is goofy to me. At that point you’re helping others gain and get nothing in return.

  20. In the short term many but this year fed wants to see a decrease

  21. No you’re right I lied I missed the small words adjusted for inflation in the data I was reading

  22. I’m not gonna lie I’m all for fucking the irs and making it harder for them to do a damn thing to anyone. The irs targets the poor way more

  23. Hmu my company is called

  24. 100% gotta be lmao. It's literally the same concept.

  25. To be fair ace is extremely simple to cosplay

  26. Op is so clearly a bad karma farming bot posting strictly shit videos no one likes

  27. Electrical tape kinda breaks down after a few years in a lot of places. I work on cars and it never holds up. The electrical shrink tubes with solder in it 10/10

  28. Honestly it’s easy to install I think most people should do it themselves

  29. What part of Texas? Feel free to come to the monthly DFW meet for 86/BRZ

  30. Google is showing about -10.4% over the last 5 days.

  31. OMG THATS SO HOT. is it a wrap? how long do they last? and whats the cost of something like this. thanks!!

  32. Yes it’s wrap generally I’d say to avoid paint damage no more than 2 years. But vinyl integrity last 5-7 years before it becomes brittle and difficult to remove.

  33. thanks!!! wow i love the color change ones. id want that in a heartbeat lol looks amazingggg

  34. Yeah NP! Check out our site

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