1. Zindagi ho to esi ho, Khade to jhaath ke baal bhi he.

  2. Aapas main hi itni kutai karti hain toh jara socho ki ladke ka kya haal karengi. Shaadi ke baad dowry case ladkewalon par pakka lagayegi. Aur Shaadi na kari toh rape case.

  3. In panchon main se kaunsi chahiye 🤣

  4. Bahut purani video hain. Ab to Omji Maharaj bhi is duniya main nahin rahe.

  5. That was an iconic pre social media event. The OG of slapping controversies.

  6. It does. Better than official FIFA 2022 song

  7. Yes it does. Better than official FIFA 2022 song

  8. Oh relax! She has a healthy pair of balls in between her legs.

  9. Waqt badal diya jasbaat badal diye

  10. why the fuck you wanna show such stupid things to children who would feel awkward if their parents notice this by mistake

  11. What of kids start imitating Shin Chan. Even the censored version of Shin Chan is highly irritating.

  12. The episodes we were never able to see in the past because these were never dubbed and airred on tv even with the censorship

  13. I wonder what will uncensored version be like.

  14. Guy: Bomb hain, Madam, bomb hain.

  15. The slogan says "Try to relate what is on your plate" and a Bengali girl is lying on the plate. So...

  16. Dua padta hun.. Akram bakram Wasim Akram Gili Gilli Imran Khan ki lulli chooo...

  17. Why any girl wanna Marry that ugly cunt???

  18. Ek reason toh inki Income Aur dusra reason inke din kum

  19. Given how big that ditch it if I were to water it, I would’ve done the same way rather than use the sprinkler hose.

  20. Paudha lagaya hain bas uske liye hi photo kheechna tha. Us ped ka maali thode hi banne ja raha hain.



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