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  1. Greenbull is officially no longer on fraudwatch

  2. Greenbull was never on fraudwatch , it was just film red promotion 😁

  3. S-Hawk pushed Zoro away. Sanji pushed S-Shark away. Both used unnamed attack.

  4. Haha i made this a few days ago , to troll my friends in social media

  5. I have answered it 3 times. not gonna give you the satisfaction.

  6. Yeah you already lost the argument when you said Zoro deflected the attack

  7. Ahh i do remember this sub praying for greenbull to save wano 😭

  8. I am anime only and i like all of em but i guess Cesar is the best one

  9. Bro sorry to say but you’re obsessed with a character you claim is shit

  10. You must be luffy stan then , i see y'all are having fun as usual πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  11. Nah it's not right excluding Robin, i would say Robin and sanji are the most developed characters for sure

  12. I got the same problem, and even with my defender disabled that error haunt me

  13. I’m so stupid I thought hell memory was a new movie lmao. When it got used so long ago

  14. Yeah the first time was in fishman island where he called the 2 years time of his in kamabaka island hell and then did the attack

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