1. this is way, way oversimplified but here’s what i teach my clients as a therapist…

  2. Accept and love myself for who I am with my personality, likes, dislikes, and overall identity, not trying to be anyone else, and also working hard to improve and be the best self I can be with my personality and identity while also recognizing that I don't have to and cannot be perfect.

  3. I love this advice but have no idea how to put it into practice

  4. Theres pens that are similar to 2 but aren't 2 the brand is TUL. They are the pens my mom uses religiously and so i got extremely familiar with them and they write pretty well. But currently i have a stack of micron pens (because art) that i use to write since they're very smooth

  5. Learning how to drive was terrifying. Eventually, I had a very helpful instructor who helped a lot with the anxiety. I'm by no means a perfect driver now, but it doesn't scare anymore. That said, I'm extremely cautious on the road, while some people treat a highway like a race track

  6. i really am the only one who thinks the tears in the silent realms are fun huh

  7. Idk why i just like them. I think its because i compare them to TP's tears of light and to me the tears of light are way more tedious

  8. Portfolio, networking, freelancing. Those are gonna be three of the crucial things for you. This is coming from the folks who were teaching me graphic design in community college, where most of the art profs had done or were still doing the freelance grind, so take it with maybe a grain of salt, but landing a job means knowing what the jobs wants of you and providing that work. By having a diverse portfolio showing your different skills, you show a client that you're able to provide more without risking too much quality. By networking with working artists and companies that are artistic in nature, you do have a higher chance of finding someone you can work for. And when you freelance, that's professional experience that can go on a resume AND in a portfolio, which if it's asked about in the next interview you can explain how what you did fit what that client needed. These aren't the only skills, obviously, and not everything available is freelance. But not having a degree in the field isn't the end of it. Some places will want a decreee (but in my experience sometimes thats because they either care about alum status or they want to know that you can work in an environment like that)

  9. I can somewhat relate, i was at least not horrible grades wise but when you have younger siblings who are advanced level smart and your parents have high hopes, you feel like an idiot not meeting them

  10. Every other action Rowling takes that isn't trying to win brownie points with those who might be willing to give her money, is an an action that can lead back to, unfortunately, some nasty stuff. I dont care if people play the clout game but i do care when people are doing and supporting things that are an active attempt to hurt and/or disenfranchise people, especially while claiming theyve always suppored those people. Someone much smarter than me has pointed out every time the Harry Potter series shows Rowling's true nature, and the only reason she even pretends to care is for money.

  11. You said what I was thinking. LAME ass excuse for something you just don't want to do or just downright scary if you honestly meant that!

  12. I'll agree that it's scary that the average cost of ambulance services in the US is around $1200 and that for comparison, my monthly rent is $800 and that due to circumstances that I won't get into C is essentially a single mom relying on WIC and mediaid in part due to her children's special needs

  13. I’m not sure where you are but if the children have all their healthcare paid for by a government program it usually includes things like ambulances and emergency room visits. C should read through the information she got when she was approved for the program, she should have gotten a guide to her benefits, or if it’s easier call and ask about it

  14. Thank you, most of what I know of it is through her, so it is possible there's benefits that neither of us know about.

  15. If only she could see the current day usage of murkrow now

  16. Me who doesnt like sending selfies to even people i know: how do you have this confidence

  17. Minimum might be better than wingull for encore starts (if it learns it that early). Wingull is quad weak to electric right? Plus swellow can bait electric moves and is the better pick imo. Guts might be useful if you get poised.

  18. Personally paralysis is scarier for me than being burned or poisoned, but also preserving as much health as possible on swellow is important, so it kinda depends on luck for para to be the safer option. But a guts boosted normal move could definitely keep from breloom having to come in too early

  19. “Gold Autism” sounds like a premium version of autism lmao

  20. You're only paying 6.99 more a month AND it comes with extra stims

  21. Rainbow pretty, but a color pallette that's a little less vibrant might make it easier for everyone :)

  22. So a little digging, apparantly Lisa Harald (@ladugarder on Twitter) has made her own varient of the autism infinity symbol that's based on the pastel version on the Autism rights movements' Wikipedia page. So thanks to this post I'm now gonna follow her on the socials she tweeted

  23. Am i allowed two? If so, eggs and cous cous. I love rice but i can't stand cous cous's texture, ans the only eggs i can manage are either baked into something or are in fried rice

  24. when I was first diagnosed at the age of 40 (as also because it was obvious that me children both had those signs, though i can recall if they had been diagnosed at the time) I attended a number of college sponsored seminars that were more designed around educators and therapists (including one with Temple Grandin as a speaker) and my wife and I met some parents of low functioning children, their daughters were about 20 years old and the couple looked like they were 70 (not sure of their real age) and you could literally see the depression in both of them. they were trying their best, but they knew their daughters would never before able to live on their own. Truly Low functioning autism people are that far down on the scale, I'm not sure sure what you think of when you imagine low functioning, but i've a feeling you've never truly met anyone that far down the scale. Masking is definitely a high functioning behavior because the further you go down the scale it quickly devolves into being unable to prepare your own meals.

  25. That doesn't really make the words high functioning and low functioning any less harmful IMO, sorta similar to how hearing the r word can be un fun no matter the diagnosis

  26. low functioning is better than what used to be used, which would have been mentally retarded and there's worse as well.

  27. But like, we have literally other terms like non verbal that therapists use, and usually a therapist will just talk about what they think the right strategy is without needing to give a label like high functioning or low functioning

  28. Thie sounds really good now im sad it was discontinued because i never had it

  29. I was just complaining about this yesterday im so glad I'm not alone

  30. I think i do fluctuate, but I kinda grew up calling myself autistic. I think it does make it a little harder to find NT people who are suppotive though, as Ive seen some people use it like the r word which brings me a mix of anger and sadness

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