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  1. 100 for an oz seems pretty fair when I’ve seen halves for nearly 200 in the program

  2. How can they “test” something that will be horribly received and then decide to implement anyway.

  3. Ps3 was the first I bought with my own money. I saved every dollar from 12-13 just to buy one when PS network got hacked big time

  4. Luster pod voltage is too high for live resin. Grow Ohio quit making their live resin in luster pods because of this. “Sips not rips” is the only way to try to enjoy live resin luster pod. I highly recommend you get a Yocan uni pro and stick to 510 carts for live resin. The luster pod voltage I think I read is 3.2 and ramps up the longer you hit it for. Turning down the voltage to 2.2 is way smoother for both live resin and normal co2 carts.

  5. Pero la cultura española es uno de los mejores, según este guiri.

  6. Can anyone tell me how much an SSD benefits the console? I've been debating doing it, but have no real issues with current performance on my slim.

  7. Use a walkthrough for your first run, there's a lot of stuff you can miss. Conserve ammo, don't kill often as others have said, and remember: you could've been a Jill sandwich.

  8. Her brother had to receive heart surgery. Her best friend who was also a student of mine ran away from home for a few weeks, obviously her grades suffered, she was 16 with a job and all this going on, It all happened within like a span of two weeks, too

  9. 4 for sure 6 is great with a buddy, but alone the stories do not hold up

  10. So that's why they did it in Metal Gear Solid when you put the box on

  11. Absolutely on eggs and some other dishes, but popcorn? I might have to try that.

  12. My aunt accidentally killed her cat washing some rugs. These photos always scare me.

  13. Growing up our laundry equipment was in a closet in our hallway, we always kept the door closed for this very reason.

  14. Yup just like that in the bins.I’m sure they figured someone would grab it up before it got hauled to the dumps. At least I hope that was their thought process

  15. Having been friends with a garbage worker: i can almost guarantee they would've saved these for someone or another worker with a kid, this a great find for sure.

  16. I call shenanigans on Ohio going for pizza hut. Dominos is like, the lifeblood of cheap pizza anywhere I've lived in Ohio.

  17. I'd say I'm in TLOU generation but I'd pick Snake Eater. Granted my brother and his friends showed me Metal Gear when I was like 7 lol.

  18. It's changing in a lot of places. I live in the 513 area code and we will soon be going to 10 digit dialing for local calls. By October there is a long list of area codes that will require 10 digits for local calls.

  19. From the 937 We now have another one (I can't remember it) As our area has too many people with 937 already

  20. Nope, I played around with it some more after posting this, couldn't figure it out and have given up for the time being.

  21. This worked for me with windows being stuck in 21:9 on picture by picture:

  22. I'm a big fan of the kemper (I do own one, and think it's capable of cool things) but his blind worship of some products over others and hatred of brands (re: line 6 even their high end gear which is nice) is stupid Also his mixes sound like dogshit

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