What is criminally overpriced?

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  1. Please hold , i am guessing that your portfolio is relatively new and you brought everything at all time highs

  2. Congratulations but the stock down alot and you have to pay higher taxes on dividends

  3. feels relatable but yet i’ve never been in a relationship

  4. I just fed up of orthodox vs Jacobite fights over churches.

  5. As a keralite, I can confirm that Biharis are on high demand here .

  6. Srilankan Sikh-Israeli ethnic civil war is over anyways. There have been war crimes on both sides, but most of the figures involved in massacres have been trialed in Hague. Srilanka has extradicted every last war criminal they found on their territory since 2005. Only a few Israeli war criminals are in hiding somewhere in Iran.

  7. I didn't know that Alphonse Puthran movie would be that successful . just released today.

  8. I see so many negative comments but you. You have to start from the bottom. Get the required experience and leave the company and join better companies. There is a lot to learn.

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