In 2000, Kevin Hines jumped off the golden gate bridge due mental illnesses. He miraculously survived because a sea lion was bumping him up and kept his head above water. Now he is a suicide prevention speaker and a film director.

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  1. Old white guys. Cliche but oh my god the sexual harassment and genuine horror at how my coworkers treated minority groups literally drove me out of the industry. And don't tell me that "oh its not like that everywhere" because I know there are people who don't fit that description, but for every one of them there's 5 other total assholes you'll have to work with. It's a very conservative and backwards feild

  2. What do you mean, how coworkers treated minority groups? Please elaborate ….. Thanks!!

  3. Hey!! You’re my buddy on LEGO Tower, I’m 2JNDJ You’re an awesome friend to have, visit me lots! Thanks so much !! If you need anything, please let me know, will send it to you!!!! Kristina

  4. I lőve it!!!! Totally love the McDonald’s !!! Great city, I’m jealous!!!!! Nice build !!

  5. It does stop. They don’t call them “land sharks “ for nothing…. Totally by 7 months….. it seems long, but I just laughed with chewed up legs and arms…. Take some pictures, it’s funny! Enjoy puppy!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your newest family member!!! The fur…. Well, I try to sweep. And laugh. And sweep, and then laugh! That’s it. Enjoy your new best friend!!!! He is absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you for adopting him!!! You’re awesome!!!! Have a great night!

  7. As much as most of the people on that show now.

  8. True, true… Unbelievable… (None of them have done / accomplished much more than signing on to TLC, really

  9. Also, ground floor is NOT SAFE in Budapest!!! I’m on the 8th floor, and building’s main door , you need a key, when you reach your floor , to the hall, there is a prison cage, you need a key, and then your apartment door , another key!! It is like this for a reason!! AVOID THE GROUND ABD FIRST FLOOR!! Good luck !!

  10. Is it this unsafe? The apartments i've been staying in when visiting Budapest didn't seem unsafe. But maybe that's just me.

  11. It’s not unsafe, because everything has a gate/ cage over it, however, ground floor apartments are really not a good idea. Good luck !!

  12. Awesome response. Thank you!! Please accept this award!

  13. You so deserved this, bud!! Thanks for the laughs!!

  14. And a Sea Lion saver activist? I friggin hope so….. (I’m really glad that he is well, and doing well, I just wants to be funny)!!

  15. This guy asked me to give him the money in advance, in bitcoin. Also he was advertised for Milan. Sounds like a scam so look out guys :)

  16. I got the same guy in Budapest !!!! Wanted bitcoin , ahead before meeting, like I’m stupid… Funny thing is, got a hold of a guy for Vienna…. Same guy!!!! ADKIN IS A SCAMMER!!!!!!!!

  17. Lack of filler… Filler melts within 3 months…. Need to add all the time!! (I know… I do it)

  18. He seems to have plenty of love, and that’s all that matters!!!! Happy birthday! And thank you for celebrating it, kind human!!

  19. Well said…, and too funny!! Please accept this award!!

  20. He is a beautiful boy! Don’t let assholes like that dictate where your pup can go!! Please, feel free to go to the dog park if your choice. I have a shepherd, and would stick up for you in a second,…… play where you like, nice dog owner!! Play where you like!! My guy does the same thing……. Not in a mean way, but to say “hi”

  21. That’s a chicken wing. Not a nugget Fuckin crackhead

  22. Now, lock yours to theirs, so they cannot leave without you…. Done!!

  23. if i accept this and provide a slice of toast for breakfast lunch and dinner, have i fulfilled the contract? i also feel there is some room for interpretation in the words "clean" and "folded"

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