1. Correlation does not mean causation. I understand the correlation between butter and slippery and the quote was to make the person slip into doing something - buttering up.

  2. I’m think that is a hand (term from back in the day when they used to be next to the stick) brake but I could be wrong.

  3. It is very buggy. The lag is crazy. I totally agree, I have been stuck on this screen while inviting people to raid. One of these days I expect some QoL improvement and fixes.

  4. Please keep us posted on what happens next. I pinged Tesla earlier today asking the same question. TIA

  5. Damn. That’s cheap. It costs us $0.99 in USA. The Indian currency is equivalent to $036 USD.

  6. People like op do. I dont understand how one can be so selfish and short sighted.

  7. It has been long since I saw a sensible comment here. Totally agree, please provide some context, do some research, value everyone’s time. What about those “should I purify threads”? Lol.

  8. If it is an unlocked iPhone 14 you can activate Jio ESim. Insert the jio card and then follow instructions on the website. I think there are couple text messages with information that needs to be sent to the jio server.

  9. It is completely unlocked. But I couldn’t understand your answer here. Iphone 14 US model does not have card tray so how would I insert it? Should I get esim on my previous iphone and then transfer esim on new iphone 14

  10. One way is activating to a career when you start it. The second way is if you have Jio activated on another iPhone it will ask if you want to transfer.

  11. I have 5000 and I think it is not enough. I catch around 300 a day so need room for approx 500 for in and out. The remaining are all long term based on moves, IVs, availability, special costumes and legendaries/mythical,

  12. So you went through and pinned nearly 80 fresh never-touched gifts and had none of them count at all? That's so much, I can only assume that there is an issue on your end. It sounds like you were careful in leaving the gifts untouched so I would tentatively rule out user error, but I have no idea what other issue could cause this. During the 3 days you were setting this up with US friends, were you pinning and opening other gifts instead? Were those ones counting? Or did you actually pin no gifts at all for a whole 3 days? Do you get progress when you pin your own local gifts 3x daily?

  13. I cleared up the inventory so opened gifts from some of the same players. They were counting sporadically before I started the process, and the medal did edge a bit over the last couple days but not significantly. It is definitely not a user error as I really stepped through the process and manually captured everything I was doing. I’ll repeat this experiment again to see how it progresses.

  14. You need to redeem the scatterbug encounter otherwise new pins won't count.

  15. Was it really? Sorry if I sound like a complete dumb individual. I could look it up, but I’d rather discuss with people. I had no idea!

  16. This is a sarcastic humor. It was not invented way before Brooklyn was named

  17. Unfortunately not very talented in any kind of sports!

  18. My way of thinking - you don’t need to be talented to play sports. You just need the right equipment and the attitude. This is the most easy way to meet people.

  19. I recommend trying to mix and formulate your own version.

  20. What's that icon below the Pokéball? I've never seen it before.

  21. I haven't heard about the Classic until tonight. Any clue the difference between the original and the classic? (My original Gotcha just was lost tonight and I'm unsure if I will find it.)

  22. Nothing published. I’m assuming it is the internals and firmware.

  23. I would ask if they have a registry and pick something that works in your budget.

  24. If you need advice - Yes. Purify everything & Delete anything that is less than 100% IV.

  25. I also recommend getting the best you can afford. Niantic stops supporting older devices with updates over time. I don’t know what your refresh cycle is - I normally upgrade my device every 3-4 years so I try to get the best and hang on to it.

  26. You are tagged. Look up in the sky, there is a satellite following you too.

  27. This would actually have a negative impact. I’m sure PVP players like myself would want to have low level legendaries (some for sure) and will stop raiding that day to ensure the guaranteed level 10.

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