1. The blacks are some alloys I got cheap asf. The whites are Enkei RP01s, I'd probably repaint them black or like a metallic bronze or sum

  2. Finds car. Immediately limi bashes and abuses

  3. Hasn't been out long (bout a month odd). Got it back, within a week rear axel seals are leaking so gotta try and book it in ._.

  4. Send it with some Toyota "Opal Teal/Baltic Blue" 😎

  5. for context: wagon behind the nice one is a skyline but extremely rusty and wouldn't feel comfortable putting it back on the road knowing id die the moment i crash the thing. so rb30 and 5 speed swapping the pintara. sorry to all if i stuffed up the post in some way i still don't know how to use reddit properly haha

  6. Dunno if you'll be allowed to drive that on the ole P Plate πŸ˜‚

  7. If you want a true Skyline wagon, go an R31. Factory RB, so easy to drop in whatever ya want

  8. My brother in christ. The stagea also had a factory RB...

  9. Point was that its a Skyline wagon with an RB. Only Skyline wagon with an RB factory. And last Skyline wagon

  10. Just deleted the bonnet rod on my 31 for gas struts. I know some people prefer the rod tho. Its an optional alternative.

  11. So it's not even a Skyline.... it's a Pintara !!! Good luck finding an RB30E in good condition, let alone an FJ20DET. Being a Pintara you will need a RB diff as well as a gearbox. It will be easier and cheaper to put a Barra in it and an NA RB30E is only good for 90kw. An NA Barra makes 180kw stock !

  12. A 30e with an auto trans was listed like a day ago for $1100 or sum, na 30e's are good for around 300kw, dunno what you've smoked

  13. 300kw from an NA RB30. You are the one who needs to put the crack pipe down....🀣

  14. Obviously not making 300kw na πŸ˜… but the stock engine can handle it

  15. Yeah, it’s a very nice car but I’m after something more reliable for a P player car with a low income job

  16. I got mine on my Ps, for the reliability portion I think I got lucky πŸ˜…

  17. Personally heard Shannon's is always the best to go through

  18. Have you done anything to improve the car itself? Better brake pads/rotors, braided/stainless lines, swaybars, coil overs, better tyres etc?

  19. 14s. SSR Mk1s, hoshis, advan A3Rs that sorta shit. Almost anything with a chrome barrel

  20. You get fuel on it? Stupid question I know, but back in March or so I seen a military mrap on a lowboy, so it drew my attention, and in the meantime, my short minded ADD mind, decided I didn't need to hold the still pumping gas pump in my tank anymore.. proceeded to spill fuel out of the tank and over the bike.. some hit the inside lip of the tank and splashed out and onto my visor... Within 30 seconds it looked the exact same way

  21. Nah haven't got fuel on it that I've ever noticed

  22. Yeah I checked to be sure before typing that reply πŸ˜‚ Its weird. It's not a texture feel, so it's like it's almost on an inner layer of the acrylic (or whatever the visor is made of)

  23. Non fucked turbo? Couple thou AUD. But this looks unknown milage, and condition. I did pop the oil fill cap off and the head looks alright, so if I got it cheap enough might be worth it though

  24. I'm sure he wouldn't notice if you just...

  25. I'm tempted. But I'd happily leave 100 bucks in its place:)

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