1. I'm sure this was all considered by the court. The purpose of the court isn't to pass judgement on how parents choose to raise a child, but to mitigate the impacts of the divorce on the child as much as possible. So the child shouldn't have a necesarily different lifestyle or quality of life just because of a divorce. So for example if they were attending a private preparatory school before, the divorce shouldn't impact their enrollment at the school. The parents still have the same amount of income as prior to the divorce, so the spending on the child shouldn't change.

  2. Thanks for explaining this. Quick question though - a divorce wouldn’t affect your income but your living costs do go up since it’s usually cheaper for two people to split a home rather than to get their own places, right? Do the courts take that into onsideration?

  3. Buy a used tent for like $20 on your Craigslist / offerup / fb marketplace

  4. Great post! I have been wanting to queue with this since opening DD and Leader but I lack Magneto. This is probably the 3rd-4th most common deck I see after deathwave, baero and spectrum destroyer at rank 90 CL 800. The only other 5-6 costs I’ve pulled from pool 3 are Destroyer, Death (I have wave), and red skull. What do you think I should use in Magneto’s place? hobgoblin? Gamora? hulk?

  5. Not op but I play this too. Aero is prob better than Magneto. If you don’t have her I would use Gamora. Don’t use hobgoblin

  6. Okay, I’ll give a try. Why don’t you like Hobgoblin?

  7. I’m CL 800 - got a series 5 card as the first one in my token shop. If I had bought the 7500 gold bundle, I could easily have two series 5 cards. Could have gotten them along the collection path too. I think I’ve played against galactus like 4 times since the patch dropped and I’m 200 CL below you; it’s not an unfair card. Once you get used to it as a possibility, you’ll play better and be prepared to deal with it or accept that you can’t play around it. It’s surprising you couldn’t generate 24 power over 3 turns lol

  8. It was a pleasant surprise this morning. I totally forgot about it. I was wary it wouldn’t work haha but glad it did since I told all of my friends about the event. They did not know at all that it was happening.

  9. Have you played much with Mister Negative? I’m on the fence with whether I should buy him or not.

  10. He’s so fun! My usual decks are just very solid and boring, and they’re a lot easier to retreat from since the finishers are predictable. mr Negative is an 8 cube machine but you have to be okay with retreating. I think I’ll try to buy Magik and Sera first. My budget version felt lackluster at times since I’d only have 2-3 turns of possible draws with his effect active. Getting more draws and more 0 cost cards now that I have mystique is going to make popping off way easier and even more unpredictable!

  11. Whelp, I think you’ve just convinced me. I don’t have Magik or Sera, but I guess I could just use Psylocke and hope that works out for the meantime. I just got Mystique yesterday, so I think I can make something decent as a start. Thanks!

  12. Here’s my current list now that I’ve worked mystique in:

  13. Hi, I do, but unfortunately I don't think I'm selling these anymore for the time being. I'll let you know if anything changes

  14. Hey there, do you still need ram and do you still have the monitor?

  15. Dude you have so many amazing cards lol. You have cerebro, mystique, brood and debrii for the cerebro deck, you have literally all the cards you need to build the Mr Negative deck the Marvel Snap Zone guy uses (negative, Magik, Mystique, Rogue / he doesn’t use Psylocke, domino or Quicksilver), you have great cards for control and disruptive decks (Doom, Debrii, Dare Devil, Marvel, Kingpin) and you even have Moonknight and Deadpool to enhance your old pool 2 decks. Deadpool was my first pool 3 card and I gained like 10-15 ranks after adding just him to my destroy deck.

  16. Never heard Colby complain once about Usman yanking the fence to avoid the third TD. Never heard Conor complain about Dustin himself grabbing the cage to avoid the irish gilly. Seems weird that everyone understands except Dustin

  17. Didn’t Dustin defend Charles against people who were saying that Charles illegally held onto his glove during that omoplata attempt in their fight?

  18. I agree. It's very unintuitive sometimes. There needs to be a breakdown of play honestly, like how magic has it's phases. I don't know if it has been revealed by the devs. End of turn effects can be mysterious too. After each turn and at the end of a turn are two separate phases apparently.

  19. Right - I would like to know how captain marvel interacts with Invisible Woman. Based on the spirit of the cards, I would expect invisible woman to resolve before captain marvel decides where to land but you figure “after the final turn” would occur before “game ends.”

  20. It depends on who is winning when the game ends. Whoever is winning resolves end of game effects first in order that the cards were played. Then the losing player resolves their cards. Then locations resolve.

  21. Except this moment I just experienced where I was the first to fill the location to get the 0 cost 6 drop, which then got discarded by Blade.

  22. Yeah, with ironfits, or hulkbuster, or goblins, they activate onreveal and move immediately, but Angela gets buffed even tho goblins played on enemies side of board.

  23. I’d want to see that happen in-game before saying anything concrete about it, but maybe the card just needs to end up on the field (and not in the hand ala Luke’s Bar or functionally out of the game like Hulkbuster). The issue then would be with the word “here” in her text box, not with “play” since that is consistently worded according to the other scenarios that we’ve gone through. Also, we know the word “here” needs rewording since it is confusing for most players when a Jessica Jones gets moved.

  24. What about hulkbaster, onreveal makes completely new card, new angela, and plays here,but angela still gets buffed even tho she wasnt on board when hulkbaster were played.

  25. Could you spell that out a little better? I don’t understand the setup you’re describing.

  26. You get 10 season xp for each location won, 5 for a location tie, and 1 for each round. So its not for no reward, just very little.

  27. Do you also get bonus points for winning? I swear I got like 60 exp once

  28. You got to 50 in 4-5 days??? I got to rank 40 in a month.

  29. I got to 60 a couple mins before the season reset and I started playing on Sunday or Monday last week. I did basically live and breathe the game this whole week though since it’s super addicting lol. CL 290

  30. With Onslaught on Citadel (or two Onslaughts), the math is x*2^8; so do points first:

  31. Ahh so Onslaught doubles the effect of the citadel? Would he double the effect of any of the negative power locations?

  32. How much lower do you think this can go? Thinking about pulling the trigger now or waiting until Black Friday.

  33. The lowest at microcenter was $129.99 as far as I know - this was like 3-4 months ago.

  34. This sub uses NSFW and Spoiler to indicate that a deal is no longer valid. This can occur when the product is out of stock or the current price no longer matches the price when posted. We feel comfortable using either tag as NSFW products are not allowed and there's nothing to spoil on the sub.

  35. I wish people would stick to spoiler tags; if it’s marked nsfw, you have to log into Reddit to open the thread

  36. That is fair, these days we prefer the expired flair but old habits die hard.

  37. What in the current version of the comprehensive rules does not allow it to work as intended?

  38. Perfect for the new Ryzen chips meant to run at 95 C!

  39. So! It appears that selling any kind of tickets is prohibited on Facebook.

  40. It doesn’t matter - people do it all the time; there are entire groups dedicated to this too

  41. I think the biggest issue was it seemed like there were like 20 staff in there, if Diaz crew of 30 and khamzat crew of 20 (or significantly more) were to start popping off

  42. Yeah they said it was like 35 Diaz teammates and 55 Khamzat ones lol

  43. Pretty sure Darren Till said around those numbers, but other way around.

  44. It was something hyper-specific like 33 or 37 - but it added up way too conveniently to 100 total between the groups

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