1. If you want an example of a high end AM4 Chipset look at ASUS ROG Crosshair X570 lineup, or the EVGA X570 DARK

  2. Me too I couldn't even find a 3090 evangelion for a decent price or else I would have got that for the build.

  3. How uncomfortable is that chair? (if it's the Amazon special I used to have*)

  4. I see a gig at 1030/11 compared to your Character's spot. As well as 730-8. You gotta finish Cyberpsychos (It's a Side Gig)

  5. Trust me you should absolutely look at one when turned on, and on a black raster.

  6. I'm planning on doing exactly this- I just needed to weed out the majority of the junk out-and will be trying the EXACT one I'm purchasing.

  7. Read an review for a high end monitor and it will tell you what to look for.

  8. I’d say you’d enjoy it even more without the Dell keyboard and mouse…..

  9. Optimize your fan curves, and you should be just fine; those temperatures are pretty normal-I have GTA five but have not played it since I had a duel 980 set up

  10. The included fans are trash I have that case and use UpHere 6x120mm remote RGB fans it's a great setup and under $40

  11. Damn-I’m looking to get 12 new fans for my case and $200 is a the cheapest I would pay for Noctua 1700 Reduxs, but want 4xLian Li SL120 V2 White 3-Packa for $400….

  12. I’m hey I know people who have Custom Loops from ChinaExpre.. I mean AliExpress who have ruined multiple PCs lol

  13. Considering you have to mount a massive air cooler that has screws that are notoriously hard to get to vs the easy access openness of just mounting the water block.

  14. Either way you have to open both sides up, replace the back mount-and then you can mount the block-whether it’s air or water cooled-and in my case I also had to replace the socket mount from the OEM LOTES so I could put on the LGA1700 bracket on for insurance/cooling. And if you are mounting an AIO in a new build it’s easy because you don’t have anything mounted, and you can do it easily. It’s a pain though if you have ever mounted anything one AFTER everything is mounted-it’s a PITA.

  15. Haven’t replaced my back plate except for a air cooler on a AMD athlon. All my AM4 boards it’s just the same install process as the factory wraith. Then again AMD doesn’t have the shitty concave IHS design of intel.

  16. lol but Zen 4 doesn’t exactly have the most sound IHS’ either-and they are still using monolithic dies instead of Chiplets or Tiles like Ryzens do-so they thought they could just slap a longer IHS on 12th Gen-even though it’s the first Core CPU of theirs that isn’t a perfect square-or at least the IHS isn’t…

  17. There’s a hot fix on the Nvidia website for that Driver update because the CPU is overloaded in a lot of cases FYI-But that sounds about right for a 4-Core/ 2 generation old processor and GPU. You can easily replace it for a 6-8 core Zen3 for $200 bucks-and I don’t know what to say about the GPU-besides you are in the weirdest time to upgrade your GPU; there’s lots of good uses Amperes, or Radeon RDNA2s but also a bunch of cards used for mining that I’d stay away from.

  18. Love those headphones-I’ve had them since 2018 and SteelSeries new Nova Pros are basically a metallic version of them, and you can still get the same models but are $350 now lol

  19. I’d have blackout curtained that forever ago if o worked from him still and had my gaming rig on there (yes I had both on opposite desks over the summer and it was distracting to the point of having to move my gaming pC to my bedroom lol)

  20. Liquid Metal is more commonly used a with the IHS from the CPU is De-lidded, and you use thick, non absorbent foam around the whole thing to prevent it from killing your Mobo. It’s not applying it that’s the worst-it’s after you tightened the water block and the pressure pushes excess out.

  21. Thats a good compliment. The main goal here was just to be able to play games and not have to fiddle around with graphics super hard bc it just handles. And to have a cpu that stays cool. And so far, ive hit both those marks

  22. Oh yeah-those are both perfect-you don’t need a 5800X, and you are hard pressed to find something that the 6750XT can’t play.-And I just looked again-and I have a 5000XD-not a 7000 case-so you actually have cooling that I don’t- a 420 AIO, 4x120MM and 3x140 Intaking and cooling everything. I have the shroud on mine for a couple reasons-I originally did it because the GPU radiator was on the Shrouds side, so I moved it up front, and put the shroud on, just because it’s a way to keep the grommets hidden and clean up the look of my case, but-my temps lowered (because the intaking from the shroud & the front we’re just getting blown upwards into the AIO front fan) whereas the air is blown towards the the RAM and is just inside the case-so my GPU has cool air, and it looks cleaner, as well as the GPU rad being up front and on the bottom, so the PSU shroud ramps the air coming out-although it might be better if it went under the shroud….Sorry for the rant-perfect choices on your part-the 7000 came out 2 weeks after I got the case…and Corsair is amazing at releasing stuff right after I buy their stuff lol

  23. You for sure sound like you know what youre talking about, so hearing that i made good choices on these was pretty much what i came here for. At this point my only top priority for this thang now is a gpu bracket to negate the sag. Everything else is pretty much going to be cosmetic. This 7000D is one heavy big mf, which makes it difficult to work with sometimes and definitely far less portable. But god does it go to work. The space it provides more than makes up for it. But i appreciate your thoughts on the build!

  24. For now, just use anything you have laying around that is solid and the right size for your GPU while you look for a bracket/GPU stand. They have a lot of cool aRGB brackets with different AIB logos (so they will have Radeon) at Newegg. I believe they attach at the back of the GPU, and attaches to the case.

  25. i’ll try this with the ram. i’ve tried clearing the cmos and when i do that, i usually get the 7F error

  26. That’s odd, you have the “00” Q-Code which means Post-what kind of monitor do you have? And what resolution? (Not just 1080p or 1440p-2560x1440 or 3440x1440p)

  27. No i mean if switching from the 1660 Super that i had to the 2060 i currently have was worth or I couldve gotten something better

  28. It depends on how much you spend, because everything is pretty cheap right now, especially AMD 6000 Series GPU’s

  29. Ok I’ll keep that one in mind. Do you think the upgrade I did to the gpu was worth, in my mind it was but im no expert lol.

  30. I’ve had that case for over a year, and if you’re going to push pull on top-you definitely need to replace the top panel with an airflow panel from Corsair. It’s like $10. Does that motherboard really have its PCIE power cable in between the USB and SATA?

  31. I'm never saying that mining didn't mess up prices or that it did not hurt the gamers because of course it did but as someone that worked in 2017 for a company that built and installed mining equipment (not only gaming gpus but ASICs as well), I would rather buy a card that was used for mining than buying it from a random teenager.

  32. That’s true with used parts-and why I buy everything new…even if I had to wait 9 months. Pop open your GPU, and then Run your PC on a bench for a month-and then pop open your GPU; or even look at the fan.

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