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  1. I think the joke has gone long enough already. It’s not funny anymore.

  2. Nobody seems to understand that scene at all.

  3. Because frontier thought it was a good idea to release a game based on a movie that wouldn’t come for another 7 months and then paid the price with a 60% drop in sales due to the fan base already not trusting them due to how lack luster the first game was. So they had to rush a dlc out to somehow fix that really bad mess that could’ve been avoided if they just delayed the game until the movie actually came out. And in my opinion I think universal probably told them to delay it and they said no. The first game was on time with universal but this one wasn’t.

  4. My guess is because JWE2 sales were lacking compared to JWE1 sales, so they decided to make a quick sales boost for the game. CC as we know is very popular.

  5. This remake will never happen. They will milk GTAV instead and then they start to milk GTAVI whenever it releases.

  6. None. They are all basically Xbox One-versions. Return to Arkham got One X enhancement, but the only thing it did I guess was that the framerate was unlocked to 45fps (lol).

  7. It’s not. Only if you have a VRR tv. Otherwise it would be choppy and probably cause tearing.

  8. They should have made it more like the joker tbh.

  9. Sometimes I think there is too much overhead in the Performance RT mode. I mean the framerate hovers at 80-90fps almost constantly. Surely the resolution could be bigger than 1440p here.

  10. ”This is how my story begins. My Uncle Ben and Aunt May raised me like a son. We never had much money though.”

  11. Holy shit I never noticed that about that show. Fuck what a good series. It *needs* to be revived. I don't care if I need to sacrifice a new born to do it.

  12. The ship comes back as illustrated at the end of the credits so I think it wasn’t alone.

  13. Question: why did it kill the Frenchmen (the last one and the one Naru saved) even though they didn’t post a threat anymore?

  14. “Not sure how I got here—it has to do with Spider-Man, I think.”

  15. Oh 100%. I see Requiem as a “so bad it's good” kind of movie, but that 2018 Predator movie was painful to sit through

  16. It will be released on home media with 15min longer extended cut.

  17. I really miss the red JP gates from the first game, along with the JP era pathing, bathroom decoration and the individually placed redwood trees.

  18. And the movie accurate bunker 😒 makes no sense to not add these.

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