How to handle police

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Retired F-18 pilot called ATC about 7 objects orbiting above him

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  1. Absolutely, I was expecting to roll my eyes and I generally respect Shaq a ton as a person, especially the older he gets.

  2. Shaq has no morals. He gets paid fuckloads for gambling advertising in Australia. Gambling is a huge problem in Australia with more gambling addicts than anywhere else in the world. Him preying on the vulnerable for a paycheck when he is already stacked makes him an absolute scumbag. FUCK SHAQ the dog unt

  3. Wait... So you are mad that he does gambling ads specifically just in Australia? Lmao what?

  4. Just pointing out he has no morals hahaha roflmao like o m g hahahahahaha. So funny.

  5. That's an interesting theory! How do they prevent the tunnels from filling with ocean water?

  6. Waterlocks,like an airlock but for water.

  7. It’s all the same phenomenon. The mistake is believing a ghost, Bigfoot, or a UFO are different things.

  8. My cat came to me as a ghost. How to frame that under this phenomenon?

  9. Was it really your cat. What prevents a hypothetical being from knowing your beloved pet has recently died, then assuming it's form in order to establish an emotional connection with you for some unknowable reason.

  10. Man that's a great reply. Couldn't really get my head around the idea,at least with my cat. Really good explanation.. thanks

  11. Lol. Aren't all trump supporters like that?

  12. Isn't there an issue between police and the indigenous people there?

  13. Hendo is a very white sounding name. Same shit happens here. It just never makes the news.

  14. Fucking Catalina gets ufo’s AAAANND and wine mixers?!? Not fair. Not fair at all.

  15. I asked so I didn't have to! Now I'm definitely not googling

  16. I did that. Got the ticket from the kiosk, went to the number stall and my wife asked “meter” and he said no. Wanted 600 baht. We tried several times to get him to use the meter. Your mileage may vary. Just saying that “they always use meter” isn’t true. You might want to go back to the kiosk and get a new ticket.

  17. Dude tried to get me for 700.. he gave you a discount!!

  18. You could take the Chow Phraya River cruise. You will be taken up and down the Chow Phraya River on a beautiful cruise ship. Live music, buffet dinner, and dance on the open deck. You will enjoy it.

  19. Or just take orange flag boat for 16 baht

  20. Just talk to your younger self. Ask them questions. Reflect. This can actually be helpful.

  21. Where is the Nike store I'm HCMC? What sort of prices would Nikes be do you think? Visiting in 2 weeks and my husband would love to get some new trainers

  22. Prices are much the same. Theres a Nike shop in d4. I'm sure there's a few more shops around too.

  23. Yeah by any means I’m not a sneaker head nor entrepreneur so with me I’m just old school

  24. The soles disintegrate over time, reduced air flow minimises disintegration

  25. It's what we do after big life events that define us. Vamos k0nfig!

  26. Yeh this happened to me about a week ago. I saw the place that I knew and knew I was coming back that way. When we came back to the spot i knew we were in a special place for lack of a better way of explaining it.

  27. I found an article once that claimed that the whole experience with Moses and the 10 commandments/burning bush etc was due to shrooms. I feel like it's 50/50 on being true but seems pretty legit imo 😂 Would explain a lot

  28. Fairly sure Moses was a skinwalker too

  29. I've been living in Canada for the last 4 years and moving back home in December. One of the sad things is having to go back to Australias stand/laws on weed and not having the level of service and options over here

  30. Get medical. It's easy enough but still not as good as over there

  31. If you can't be bothered to research which floating market you are going to, then just go to Iconsiam G floor.

  32. If you are as adventurous as you say then the phrase "tôi muốn ăn lựu đạn" will get you the most mind blowing dish at any place.

  33. Took 3 weeks of fires for the army to come along and have a look. Felt pretty vulnerable up til then. How longs it gonna take to get us guns and ammo?

  34. Wayyy too much ranch imo. The pasta sounds like a good time though!

  35. It's so you can't see the salad. Aethestics and that y'know

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