1. I mix with cottee's sugar free cordial... Really takes the edge off the salts... Plus over ice it's almost good

  2. Been on ozempic, I didn't have any trouble with hypoglycemia. My doctor even told me it's a rather rare side effect in general.

  3. Costco has it in 1L bottles if you have a membership card. think they only had the medium heat one, not the whole range.

  4. You can also use to buy without a membership... Not sure if it works outside of Melbourne... Sorry

  5. Just checking that site out. Thanks

  6. You got this!! I'm at 68 hours right now! I always ask myself before I'm about to break my fast, do I NEED this food, or do I WANT this food. It has helped me because I've come to realize that a lot of times I want food just because it tastes good and it's comforting!

  7. Yeah... eating out of boredom is annoying... It turns out alot of the time you eat, it's just to fill time

  8. Would find it more difficult to get through the rough days without the no calorie drinks... Just something with flavour is very helpful... Studies haven't shown anything conclusive... Do what works for you... I'm 44 hours in right now... and 2.6 Ketones, drinking coke zero and sugarless cordial with my electrolytes... zero effect on my ketosis.

  9. Peeing more is normal... Your body is doing all the normal stuff and there's no carbs to absorb all that water. That's why you gain weight when you come off fasting as the carbs you eat absorb a bunch of water and just hangs out for a while.

  10. Once you get past 2 days reliably, fasting is pretty easy. It's the first 2 days imo that are killer.42 hours in myself right now... which is why I'm trawling reddit looking for others to support

  11. I'm surprised everyone said no straight out of hand in here....

  12. I just go the fasting salts on Amazon... It's simple and has nothing special in it... Just the salts

  13. OK, bringing this back to the top - can we tag it with Sous Vide?

  14. The limit is your imagination... You can do things like pink chicken that is 100% safe to eat... Completely changes chicken.

  15. Sorry jumping in late here but how long does it take to heat up your steaks in the sous vide from the fridge?

  16. 30 minutes is probably about the time... But I don't really know... I set it to 54c and then leave it in there for a couple of hours... Until I'm ready to sear and serve

  17. I have 1 Rule... Leave Everyone else the Fuck Alone....

  18. There'll be plenty of reasons... Sugar, spice and everything nice.... Do agree... Tasty though.

  19. I think he's made that you spend so much time with the TV 😂

  20. Wonder how many children were used to sew those masks they bought en masse?

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