1. Dude it’s way more than that, i don’t have full textbook explanation but its psychologically challenging to “feel” certain parts of my body, I’m not even fat but my brain is telling me that my body looks “distorted” in someway

  2. Yes you are legally obligated to sleep there. You're basically paying to voluntarily imprison yourself. The host will notice you did not sleep there and will harass you for the rest of your stay

  3. And they usually send a clergy person over to lecture the guest on the immorality of extra marital relations, in case that is the reason the guest didn’t sleep in their own bed!

  4. Absolutely not. The host knows that you are not generating trash, using utilities and creating wear and tear while you are away.

  5. Yea it was refundable, we have that non-refundable option as well and they didn't select that lol.

  6. Tell them YES! absolutely you can do that, but they have to choose the non refundable option. That should shut them up.

  7. Prostitution is legal in the DR, so be aware that picking up cougars probably means going with an older woman who expects payment.

  8. Right. But it’s good to start with that filter in mind, if you go with a local it’s a bit different than what you might expect.

  9. If you completed your stay at this place, your chances of a successful credit card chargeback are very slim. No one is going to review the details of complaints about the locks.

  10. You’re not in a committed monogamous relationship with him, so you can date other guys and so can he, including him seeing his ex.

  11. When you make your reservation, I would set the guests to the maximum you may have overnight. So if it’s just you and you’re hoping for a hook up set the number at 2 (assuming no threesomes?).

  12. You mean you think he is with other guys when he’s not with you?

  13. actually no, I am mostly just paranoid about him losing feelings for me or not wanting to talk to me

  14. Ok. Well you’re aware of the fact that you are overthinking and over worrying about it. That’s probably because it means so much to you and you’d hate to lose it. That’s not that weird.

  15. Check with your credit card company, they most likely have insurance for car rental damage. Be sure to read the fine print or even call them to confirm the coverage.

  16. You’re using too much water. You just need to clean out part of your colon to do anal. Here is the best advice:

  17. Imo, you would probably benefit more from a massage therapist than a chiropractor. There is a category of chiropractors who also focus on tissue massage in addition to adjustments, and for sciatica that is what you need. The conventional bone-adjusting chiro isn’t going to help.

  18. “Oh, and if we book, could you be sure to have a couple of cans of Tuna (in water, not oil) and some mayonnaise and bread on hand when we arrive? We usually arrive starving…”

  19. Hello? It’s been a few minutes, I was wondering about the tuna?

  20. Oh, and can you please make sure the tuna is Starkist, not Chicken of the Sea? We prefer Hellman’s to Dukes mayonnaise, and would you mind including a selection of chips and some sweet gherkins?

  21. As a host would you refuse to let your guests return and keep their money for the remainder of the 30 days stay? We are only 7 days into the reservation. She's refusing to budge either way.

  22. Airbnb support is telling me the host is allowed to keep my money for the entire 30 days even though she won't let me stay on the property.

  23. Hopefully this will get resolved in a day or two. Let us know what happens.

  24. Can you remove the rug? Do you still want to stay there?

  25. This was my original plan, just leave the keys inside and go. But the owner has said specifically in their text today that the set of keys i have is the only one so they can’t get inside if i leave them in there. I don’t then want to be charged with a locksmith fee! The location is a 10 minute walk away from the apartment (which would usually be fine if no for the 40lbs/25kg bags we have to drag uphill). I may still leave the keys outside the apartment and say shove it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  26. So they only have one set of keys? That’s really stupid, what if a guest lost the keys, which is very common. Tell them you can hide the keys somewhere or drop them off with a trusted neighbor. Or perhaps they can pay for you to take a cab to the drop off location. This is 100% on the host to resolve.

  27. Let the host give the extra key to the cleaner then, why should the guest lug two 40 lb. bags for 10 minutes for the sake a lazy host who is lying to them?

  28. You’ve done a really good job of describing the problems.

  29. That’s thing I’m trying to balance — to warn future hosts and ideally get them removed from the platform, with do I want to get a couple hundred dollars and still having the drama on my listing page.

  30. Of course, that would be even better, having them shut down.

  31. Review them honestly and file any claim for damages.

  32. Most guests don’t know that requesting a date keeps others from requesting the same dates, nor that Airbnb is monitoring how the host responds.

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