1. The more i look into medical weed ,the more complaints im reading,look at the bud the op took pics of,rubbish weed @ top $

  2. U gunna regret flushing 8k of oxy esp iff u do have pain,y did you flush all that oxy,esp iff u think u b on fent

  3. Can anyone remember the song on jjj about 25 years ago Australia don't become America,Mcdonalds n Cocacola & could u go to a job that got paid via tips

  4. To be fair, the banks recently added a 1.2% surcharge on businesses for eftpos transactions. The business either hikes up the prices to compensate, or add a surcharge onto card payments so you still have the option to avoid it by paying cash. So really you should be thanking them that they didn't just jack the prices up, and still gave you an option to avoid the surcharge. The surcharge also only really adds a few cents onto the total anyway.

  5. Bollocks,our rate is less than 1%,where did u hear this nonsense,my brother literally works with banks & businesses that want a merchant facilities,this new 1.2% is 110% bullshit

  6. U probably won't feel 2mg unless injected,hope u didn't pay top $ for 2ml/mg

  7. Where the fuck does one get naloxone? I always wanted to get it just cause but whenever I went to pharmacies or ask doctors they said they didn't have it or there's no script for it? And this was like chemist warehouse in my junkie area where rikodeine and robitussin is never in stock lmfaoo wtf aye

  8. They give them away now ,got 2 in cupboard

  9. Do I need one of the newer xbox consoles for fm8 Ive got a xbox1

  10. Oh the days of IVing those little balls after burning them off with acid and turning it. (great rush) In NZ they changed the MST to capsules full of small white beads . Maybe same thing you are talking about. This was back in the 90s.

  11. U mean Kapanols,probably the best form of morphine (apart from ampules) to iv,crush balls up in a spoon,add water,stir & crush the balls,draw up & u have pure morphine to enjoy

  12. Yep that's right, Kapanol used to pick them up from the chemist 3 times per week. I'm sure we used ac or aa to burn and turn it in the spoon before adding the water.. Mate had a license to develop photos so could buy the acid ac or some name like that. He was into home bake big time when ya could get the codeine. Hit up one day and he stopped breathing. The rush wasn't that great but just felt good and stopped ya hanging for a day.

  13. Yeah I've heard the homebake thing is big in nz, u guys must have access to good chems like aa u lucky buggers lol

  14. Why? Flubromazepam is not strong and flualprazolam is blackout central

  15. So u reckon im better off with diazepam than flubromazepam?

  16. Ethylphenidate,but u missed the bus on that one

  17. Easy to convert between phenidates - if you have access to one you have access to them all

  18. For some reason i loved ethylphenidate,esp iv But I can't stand methylphenidate,weird isn't it

  19. Trying to hide the fact that's its a vz

  20. It's basically a prodrug for diazepam

  21. I’m not seeing much “I love Miriam’s insight, it’s so nice to have someone educated and insightful helping out. Her smile lights up the room.”

  22. U take the show seriously? Whole show is a pisstake & only treasure is $ from advertising,u could dig that whole island up & all u find is bits of wood & coconut fiber,now that's real Templar stuff lmfao

  23. I don't like them i bloody love them,looking good

  24. Only ppl that get pissed over the name of a potato cake call them scallops,when u go to a seafood restaurant u order curried spuds,u spudd🥔🥔😂😂👌👍🦆

  25. Nice driving mate & i luv ya setup

  26. Looking forward to a dirty gift

  27. Spank it,Lick it,Taste it,then Fuck it

  28. Is it still a prodrug like normal codeine?

  29. I don't need a physio, the pain is because I have three metal plates in my mouth holding my jaw together and they get inflamed and the nerves get agitated and it fucking hurts like shit.

  30. Australia is so behind the world when it comes to methadone,& docs have realise that methadone doesn't treat anxiety etc

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