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  1. Frontier just keeps on proving that they are the GOAT when it comes to these designs, holy crap. Every time you guys get to design a new dinosaur you knock it out of the park.

  2. My money is on an Ornithomimid, hopefully Ornithomimus itself or Pelecanimimus.

  3. In the words of the ever-wise Alex Jones; "Destroy the child"

  4. Cyberpunk has just devolved into virtual instagram

  5. I don't know why but all the characters in Rebels just look like mashed potato. How did they drop the artstyle ball so hard after the Clone Wars?

  6. The fact that we got a fully feathered dromeosaur out of the JP franchise is a fucking miracle. And it's not just a few quills, it's fully covered!

  7. Mega have been doing brilliantly with all their vehicles recently, the new Ghost and this Hornet look just like tiny versions of the in-game models!

  8. This makes me want to make an abadonded park where all the dinosaurs roam free, Site-B style. Your work is always great and always inspiring!

  9. Megalosaurus is the most based theropod in the game, great for wild parks because it's terrible at pursuit hunting, most hunts fail. 10/10 most realistic hunter.

  10. That's gonna be a hard pass from me. How the hell do they justify the prices of these things?

  11. I just noticed that he has normal Human eyes

  12. I hate capitalism as much as the next guy but praising the Soviet Union just ain't it chief. The USSR is not something anyone should aspire or look up to.

  13. The pterosaurs do tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to realesque reconstructions, alas- marine reptiles and dinosaurs tend to have unrealistic or tropey pizzaz on a reasonably-sensible base, but the pterosaurs tend to just be big fish-eating bird-bats instead of monsterified real versions (e.g making Quetz a carnivore).

  14. Quetzal and some of the larger flyers can eat from goat feeders as well.

  15. Please tell me you'll add Moros as little hatchlings

  16. I like this more stylish approach much more

  17. Because levelling Kai is just pure suffering

  18. Biosyn Valley is my favourite map by far, the forests have such an amazing atmosphere

  19. Is a new Covenant Wraith too much to ask for?

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