1. There's not enough depth in low profile case for it to sound great

  2. My only "complaint" would be that the T80Lite feels a bit, well, light. I know it's in the name, so obviously I was ready for that, thus the quotations. In every other metric, it's a really great board. I just built it today, and I'll be using it as my daily driver for the week, and it's a very pleasant board to type on. I have PE foam, plate foam, and KeebTape, and it's still got a really nice sound.

  3. It will sounds like any other board with tape, if you don't have any problem with that then go ahead. Another alternative to improving the sound is putting Uhmwpe tape on the flex cuts

  4. The bump on akkos are a bit too rounded and big for me, i prefer the pandas

  5. I've been using all sorts of mechanical keyboard (including gaming keyboard with "poor" reputation in regards to durability) and never had such issues. Switched to full custom and never had such issues either

  6. Any wireless mice that doesn't last half as long as GPX with similar battery is dead to me

  7. I want to know the opposite. Any modern switches with the most amount of pinging?

  8. When a brush lowkey has better shape than a $80 one from multi trillion company

  9. That's not even close to the damage my cats has done so far

  10. It's function over form, which is frowned upon on this sub where the lunatics are still competing on eliminating more and more keys from what would be considered as "keyboard"

  11. Not overkill, just useless since there's no "rubbing" parts, just contacts. Personally i lube my scroll wheel

  12. Beginner friendly: nr200 Space-saving: a4-h20 A little bit of both: meshlicous

  13. Modded mine with 8000mAh so it lasts practically forever

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