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  1. You're better off greeting him a geniune sieko or something because those reps are UTTER trash.

  2. he has gen rolexs, omegas.. just wants a rep of this model to see if he likes it for a while

  3. Does your dad now your getting him a rep? If he is not "in on it", then I would strongly recommend that you don't get it.

  4. yes he is full aware, he has a few gens but wants to try a good rep, and thats a shame to hear about the thickness..

  5. What’s your budget like, if you’ve got around $300 I’d recommend hont, otherwise ask duke

  6. date is fine think its just the angle and magnifier looking weird

  7. get a diamond tester to see if it’s Moissanite or CZ

  8. Bro i have one for sale but better, i can ship from UK, message me on insta benmatthews29 or on whatsapp +447428077527

  9. sub, datejust rose and datejust gold are gen.. diamond is rep

  10. Imo diamond dj look like rep. Other gen

  11. Appreciation post, however time to sell, please DM me or hit me up on Instagram so I can scam you.. Purchased from a friend, so I don't know what factory is🤦 except it's got a DG 2813 rust bucket powering it.

  12. no scam lol, i have genuine subs and dJ's i can happily post. im not the type to scam i dont care if it sells or not, thought id post incae someone wanted it. loud mouth

  13. did you pull the trigger and got one?

  14. i have a bussdown rep for sale with arabic dial, message me on whstapp +44 7428077527

  15. User passed away haha. Deleted profile or got banned

  16. What watch case? Also where is the Cuban link bracelet from love it. Looking got a chain and bracelet!

  17. the cuban is from shopGLD and thanks man! the case was just off amazon

  18. Ebay Store - Swissice - 100% positive reviews and real authentic rolex part company. should check them out they have lots of dials

  19. If its the 2836 movement then modification is needed. I believe you have to cut something of of the bottem of the dial. If its the rolex movement (3255 i think) clone then it should fit without modifications

  20. if i message eric at geektime, will he know the number?

  21. dont want to get my hopes up and be waiting around for nothing on the 10th day

  22. Not all watchmakers will work on reps. Ask first or use one of the trusted ones in the UK.

  23. places like the watch lab etc.. if they could touch it?


  25. I will GL. Eric is good guy you could even ask for his opinion.

  26. Jeez don’t stress it. People are just assholes sometimes.

  27. thanks bro, been waiting for a model number and imgur link from Eric from geektime all day but no response yet, soon as I have then I will do a qc post in the correct way.

  28. I will be buying multiple watches so wouldn’t want to break bridges, was never my intention.

  29. No one helps lazy people, you didn't even take the time to read the rules and use the qc template.

  30. If you checked in the comments the template was there.. I’m new to the platform give me a break bro

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