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  1. Monday morning at school and the dreaded "write about what you did at the weekend"

  2. This is only the corner of the full picture/room. Also why it's not great quality

  3. SQL for source data manipulation. PowerApps for data entry from users within Power BI. Python for ETL at data source. Commercial analyst for business benefit of report/analytics.

  4. This. Some games refuse to work at all unless installed on same drive as Xbox app. Fallout 76 being one of them

  5. Main struggle for me is wanting part of a report / page with RLS applied and then another part of the same report without it applied. For example a salesperson is restricted to only see his leads on one page but you want to show a ranking of this salesperson against all other salespeople on another. If you're filtering salesperson dimension based on RLS the only way round this (without creating another report entirely) is to create a summarize table or equivalent which is then not joined to the original salesperson dimension.

  6. Shopping online and the website crashing while processing payment

  7. A dumbass at work had this happen but he dropped a bag of chips on it and obviously it didn’t fall. I waited for him to leave then dropped a Twix bar on it and everything fell it was awesome

  8. We went Snickers for weight and height of fall. Any higher and the risk was just too much...

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