1. 12% is great for this old time dude from the 70’s, did a few bongs of sugarcane with the kids , was out near Pluto!!!

  2. Just cut around the seed and just plant it in your medium it will deteriorate.

  3. I would definitely turn down the windstorm, plants going to focus on the wrong mechanics . Good luck

  4. Make sure you have selected the correct light, you using MH standard ?

  5. I’m on the fence but It looks like a Phosphorus problem, What nutrients are you using?

  6. Thanks man! With an IPhone 11. My girl did the edit on this one. I’ve got a lot of good content on my IG page if your interested? Link in bio

  7. Water the hole pot !! Till it runs out the bottom, then let the pot dry, then repeat, it the only way the roots will fill the pot.


  9. Thanks, I appreciate it. Slowed it down for sure but I disagree with not need to defol. While you can def grow good weed with our defoliating, you can grow better weed with a little pruning and planning.

  10. True, my first grow ever I barely defoled cause i was worried about hurting my plant and it grew some gas. However, there was also a ton of larfy bud, which is part of the reason why i defoliate now

  11. We defoliated room 5 , 24x24 space , we did not defoliate room 3 , we had use over 40 hour’s of labor, for new growth use and extra 20 lbs of fertilizer, when we harvested, space 5 did not have any significant extra growth to produce more cannabis, and from the visual inspection room 3 ,the non-trimmed room ,colas seem to be a bit larger and a bit denser. in addition, room three was ready two weeks earlier which I actually save money on lighting costs. I would have to say that trimming as a benefit for ventilation, disease purpose and possibly certain situations for the micro grower that’s using some inferior lighting it may benefit slightly. Good luck !

  12. yeah stuffed is good as long as i get no mould! that’s my main concern really bud i’d love to see a big canopy jus pure green all different strains too

  13. When you get to flowering just get the humidity down below 50% or close,,and have a good air exchanger and you should be fine if you’re having trouble you controlling the humidity you could cover the tops of the fabric pots with foil just a damp in the evaporation. I don’t use fabric pads for that one reason, we use plastic pots they’re easier to clean and disinfect and I do not see any difference in growth people talk about air pruning. One of the last grows we did was with 50 GG4 and the biggest plants were in plastic pots so I don’t believe that fabric is that great!!

  14. i have always wondered how much better fabric really is always just stuck to it coz that’s what i heard but yeah my last grow the humidity was getting dangerously high and jus had no way to control it

  15. We use 4 gallon square plastic pots, nine fit in a 3 x 3 with room to spare. I will never go back to fabric ever again.

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