1. This has most of them, just ctrl-F the name of the mission.

  2. Awesome!! 😁 Congratulations on getting through them! What was your final team to get through? They're not so bad when in the rhythm. What you think of the underground House, worth the grind?

  3. Honestly a pretty good to run. Esp for the Mons the E4 use.

  4. Are there any RBY Hacks recommended? I know of Brown for ex (albeit not played. On the list). With things like more Mons, or updated mechs etc. But maintaining alot of the old charms?

  5. Red ++ is the ultimate enhancement, it add many mechanics from later gens and few mons from them (baby, forms, final forms).

  6. Fools Gold is amazing. A move relearner would've really helped on that.

  7. Yeah, you'll have a 'Costume Box' in your cube. Go into that and select your outfit. You'll be able to o change jacket and boots/belt/etc colour. Your hair is your hair forever though.

  8. The 'ALL-IN' Capsule machine. Blue/black thing. Is the one I use. About 25 as far as cost goes. Makes 100x caps at a time. Light/sizeable so good for travel if needed.

  9. Inflamed Red is a good alternative to Radical. Pretty much the same(ish). But definitely more intermediate difficulty

  10. Seemingly, majority I'd say, of gay men. Seem to have their 'diva' of choice. Almost always seems have been this way too. From yesteryear Madonna/Cher, to Kylie, to Beyonce or Gaga or Rihanna more recently. Honestly, I think they're all kind of Meh Tbh. Few gems I guess. Beyonce though, hugely overrated.

  11. Dude, you're in denial. Read the books that Marxists write? In general, it amazes me that Marxists in the West do not have the same connotation as the Nazis.

  12. I literally posted about how communism and Fascism are one in the same. Glad to see someone else savvy to this glaring fact honestly. Good vibes to you man!

  13. The fact that Communism and Fascism are really the same thing, just different way of explaining the order of things. Big nope. (Not to say capitalism is grand either, mind). As it stands, any Left/Right dichotomy politics are abjectly flawed. Regardless of the structure they adopt.

  14. I mean he is using religion but hardly do any of religious duties. I have applied to canada and got accepted in college, but canada rejected my visa request twice so far

  15. Honestly that doesn't surprise me at all. The two most homophobic friends I have are 'lazy' with their religion. I'd understand the zealousy is they were actually devout to duty lol. Not agree but you know, sure.

  16. Feedback says something along these lines " we are not sure if you are willing to back to your country when finished studying" , they need prove that i will leave canada once am studying, but i have nothing in my name unfortunatly, but i am a permanent government employee , and have been for the past 14 years, i even provided the documentation

  17. Whilst fair enough for the visa process, I suppose. That's such an obscure thing to prove in any way. Even with, say, housing/property ownership in origin. Its not exactly as though letting it couldn't happen. I'd have thought your work position would be sufficient honestly. Especially with documentation. Do you know anyone who's undergone the same process before? Particularly for Canada. I'd imagine there must be forums or subreddits for students abroad who might be able to give an idea what they're looking for to affirm that. Or even maybe the college you got accepted to, do they have any outreach with these sort of situations?

  18. Neither better or worse. But different really. All in one is alot more sedating, can have less euphoria because the heaviness is more there. If I want more functional calm, I dose them 30-45 mins between. The hour I find can flatten it a bit, but that little gap to stagger it seems help if I need the get go. (albeit that's 2+2 vs 3.5 in one. Which the higher dose ought sedate more, but its stagger definitely as above)

  19. Tbf, most everything has withdrawal in some manner. Cannabis being the big one touted as not, and I can darn well say from observation. Many the weed 'addicts' (which is a thing) have a much harder time getting off vs someone mentally set on stopping kratom. The physical may be more notable, but the mental. Though irritability, sleeplessness, boredom, brain fog, stomach issues. All of which can do effect users life, work, skills, decisions etc. And the social attitude makes it less severe for the one through it, which makes it worse. Anything which effects your physiology is going to have rebound when you stop after a time. The amount and duration always obviously playing a factor.

  20. It's not a 'suggestion' necessarily. But just something of over the years. But get to know producers, wholesalers and farmers. In the native countries. Sensible anyway for a tremendous price difference but often, depending on their local laws/penalties mostly (don't ask anyone to do what may hurt them). Many are happy to send it or whatever wherever. Get to know them, they're families making a living first and foremost.

  21. Unbound, Radical Red, Inflamed Red if you wanna dodge the difficulty but still more challenge+all the mons

  22. I do not see myself as attractive. At all. I hate my body. That’s why I made that post. Like, I would sell my soul to have those guys bodies. But also my face. I have like 5 surgeries I wanna get, on top of the skin bleaching. Partly because I can’t stand my African features.

  23. I can absolutely relate to body issues. To some extent it effects us all I think. Some of us hit by it, or rather controlled by it, more than others. Couple decades eating disorder myself, I genuinely understand. There does come a point for sure though, that we still see something that isn't necessarily there. Albeit, it absolutely is to the self because our reality is largely subjective to our own perception.

  24. Ok this was a lot to process. I’m probably gonna PM you.

  25. Magnesium citrate fella. It's used when patients need everything cleared. Similarly, if you've not eaten, there's probably not alot to move.

  26. Between the sickness, not able to eat and neurological. Is liver and kidneys OK?

  27. It's on the little islet thing by the door to cerulean cave yep. Panel closest to the water, I think in the wall if I recall.

  28. I’m a Halloween birthday and I decree pumpkin spice as overrated. Bow before the Caramel Apple gods. 👺🎃🍎🗡

  29. I was going to go against OP. But youve added caramel apples as a contender so I'm going to have to band with you on this.

  30. Don’t be a spoil sport. He’s just trying to have fun and get in the Halloween spirit. You should make more of an effort to share his interests and get into the Halloween spirit. If anything, prank him back. It’s just innocent fun, don’t act like it’s some terrible thing

  31. In many ways I sort of think this. But how does he out do these examples? The man's an artist. Although talking to his fx mate, I'm sure between the two a good revenge prank is definitely doable.

  32. Your partner is an absolute legend. But yeah, maybe just tell him he's somewhat scaring you annually.

  33. I wonder if it’s always galar mr. Mime there

  34. I think I've had a couple things pop up in there. But galar mime twice

  35. I've tried the crystalline alkaloid extract. Not the same as yours there. But one made here in Europe. I'd not recommend it. Honestly far too strong to be practical. Worked very well under the tongue, very quick. So extremely practical. But the cost, the tolerance issues being very severe easily (dodged that with some very good scales). Super expensive too. Compared to how plain powder just does the job anyway.

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