1. lol i was about to go get three colors, guess i'm waiting now

  2. Is Three Colors worth a blind buy, picked up WKW and a few others, but the way people talk about Three Colors gets to me. Love the Before Trilogy, La La Land, Heathers, etc. Would that be up my alley?

  3. Absolutely. They appeal very strongly to emotional themes, and empathy. But ultimately they are some of the more accessible films in the collection. Not mind bendy, artsy, symbolic flights or anything. A solid drama, a solid comedy, a solid thriller. Kindve. I can't imagine anyone not liking these movies.

  4. 40 seems like a decent bet, I'll look for them while I'm out. Maybe wait a week or so so I can recover from the first round of sale pickups.

  5. Never seen any Wong Kar Wai stuff, is the Infernal Affairs set worth a blind buy? Or In The Mood for Love?

  6. Internal Affairs isn't WKW (but it was listed as such on B&N's website by mistake), but personally I'd check out his films on the Criterion Channel and/or HBO Max first. Only bc it's better to just buy the set.

  7. Oh okay, I was confused. Is infernal affairs worth a blind buy regardless?

  8. Nice work! Do you work an active job or do you train outside of that?

  9. haha, i’m 14 years old but i do train outside of school

  10. Your 5k max race pace will be near your max. If the race doesn’t hurt then you aren’t going hard enough. You should be in zone 5 for majority of the race if you’re going all out.

  11. That was just a morning run, but I will keep that in mind

  12. Then yeah, if it’s just training you don’t always want to blast into near max HR

  13. I wanna try to hit that max HR. I'm getting back into running after lifting for a few months, trying to balance both has been tough

  14. Not quite? The stainless is close but it’s not identical. It’s close enough for me. I think it looks great with the Ultra. I recommend just buying it so you can see it in person. If it’s not a close enough match for you just return it.

  15. Could you send a photo if it's not annoying? Also did you get the silver or the brushed?

  16. I got the brushed. And I’m happy to send or post a pic if you tell me how. I’m old.

  17. Ha! Most people use imgur links, reddit doesn't like other formats for some reason.

  18. Ditto on any sort of storage for bands that looks decent.

  19. Sure, give me a bit. Just got in the car. Will send from destination.

  20. Sounds good friend, appreciate you. I know that's an odd request lmao

  21. Terrible pics, but showing you how it looks exposed, covered and partial.

  22. That's not bad! Thank you for the effort:) I'll send pics of mine when it arrives (in a month)

  23. Same here. Just walked in and popped it on my wrist. Obviously heavier and thicker than my s6 44mm but nothing crazy. I noticed it being ever so slightly heavier but again, nothing crazy. I think it overall look pretty good on my wrist. I’m actually pumped for my watch now.

  24. Funny enough that's exactly what happened with the 14 Pro Max. I had a regular 11, always kinda liked the bigger ones but thought they were inconvenient. Got the 14 PM, and holding my old one feels silly now. Probably gonna order one today. That 14 day return policy is there if I hate it for some reason.

  25. I would imagine they would let you order. Just a matter of when you would get it. I ordered the trail loop one from Best Buy. Says it’ll ship by Oct 11. Love those bands.

  26. Not sure if you care! My store had some display units, tried it on. Build is very nice, but the size was a lot more drastic than i thought vertically. The diagonal size increase isn't as crazy. I'm coming from a 44mm SE. Did others adjust to the size relatively quickly?

  27. I have some side by side with the 44mm SE. I didn't think the difference was crazy screen wise, but it is quite chunky vertically.

  28. Does the SE 2022 watch have a keypad option? Thanks!

  29. Just order it online right now. I ordered mine on Wed and delivery ETA is 10/30-11/4. Now it’s up to 11/1-11/7 for new orders.

  30. I haven't had a chance to try one on yet, wanna test the waters before I make the jump. I also need to trade in my phone so i can get a gift card.

  31. Understandable. I was ready to pull the trigger Day 1 but also wanted to try it on in person because the Apple announcement made it look hooj. It’s chonkier yes but i felt it more in the thickness as opposed to the overall screen area. The best way I could describe it is to say that if the 45mm feels comfortable then the Ultra will feel just fine, but if the 45mm is too big then obviously this will feel too big as well. Yes it’s bigger but the flat screen hides it’s overall size well, it’s the thickness that caught my attention.

  32. I have a 44mm SE. Feels solid, but I have room to get bigger. We'll see! Hopefully the store I'm going to has a demo unit.

  33. You can start your car with it? That's sick! Is that a Ford feature?

  34. Apple’s attention to detail has long been their strong suit. It’s why we become “fanboys” pretty sure. Those that lurk on the outside of our little cult poke fun because the purveyors of their projects are happy with 80% solutions. When I went from Windows to macOS, it took no more than a few days to be hooked by all the little details and thoughtfulness. I’ll never go back.

  35. just got a mac, definitely feel you on that. the minute it asked me if i wanted to automatically delete an installer file i was in love.

  36. Was gonna ask this, may order this for when I get my Ultra.

  37. That orange is not nearly as bad as I had assumed it would be. All these posts are convincing me to upgrade from my SE.

  38. Tried it on in the Apple Store yesterday, literally didn’t notice the orange at all.

  39. Very interesting, I usually stick with black. The features here are too good to pass up.

  40. How much does the cellular for the watch cost you a month?

  41. Probably not unless there's a big reason you don't like the SE.

  42. I dig it, just got a bunch of gift cards lying around, so it wouldn't end up being all that expensive for me to upgrade.

  43. I agree, I just did my first workout with it. The flat screen is a bit odd for me right now coming from a S5 cellular. Out of the box it had about 83% charge. Did one 1 hr work out while sending messages and controling music and I'm at 81%. I've had it on for about 3 hours at this point. That's crazy results out of the box, so far. So first impressions are positive. I'm going to try a longer hike with no phone, synced playlists and try a work out. Typically it would nuke my watch and wouldn't last the rest of the day.

  44. That battery is one of the reasons I was debating, that's just a crazy value.

  45. Fucking finally, let’s go Haneke fans!!!

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