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  1. True, I didn't necessarily mean Sony do nothing during development of their exclusives, but it's been said time and time again that they tend to allow studios complete creative freedom and their involvement in development is simply to make sure everything is coming along well.

  2. Has it? I feel like everything I've read is Microsoft is very hands off. Maybe too hands off

  3. Gears 5 and Halo Infinite apparently had a lot of 'guidance' from MS

  4. Perhaps. I know a couple of their recent acquisitions(Ninja Theory popping to mind) have mentioned that MS is hands off and let's then loose creatively.

  5. Yeah, but they still haven't even managed to fix the server issues and bit rate. I keep getting shot around corners in competitive, get 140 ping randomly, etc.

  6. It'll make it. Will take a lot to actually kill Infinite

  7. Which means season one is going to be mind blowing, season two not quite as great, season three will drop off a cliff, and no one will watch season 4. At least we'll get a great first season!

  8. Love season 1 of westworld. One of the best seasons in general.

  9. Plus the majority don't hold grudges. They'll come back if the content is appetising enough. Forge itself has brought people back. Can only imagine what the CGB and shorter seasons will do. Infinite is defs far from dead.

  10. If they can’t do it next year after all the delays, studio acquisitions and buying one of the worlds biggest publishers you’d have to genuinely wonder what the fuck is going on.

  11. Just speaking for myself but I'm in a deluge of games atm. My backlog on just Xbox is about 200 games

  12. First console I played was probably the PS1/N64. I can't remember. First console I bought was the Xbox One X

  13. yeah man its crazy that one guy can do this in less then a day and you bozos cannot make a functional game in 7 whole years.

  14. This isn't some bad break up lol. They've moved on from Halo Infinite specifically being a top played title. I've personally also moved back to MCC and other titles and only occasionally boot up Infinite to see if they've fixed the issues. I may return one day once the issues are resolved but until then I've moved on from Infinite being my primary. I don't see how this disqualifies me from commenting about it. That's just a dumb take lol

  15. Not a bad break up true. You're different. My perspective has been ruined by the mess that is

  16. That's fair, although I personally feel that given the current state of Halo itself, the same criticism can be levied towards the other side of the isle. There's plenty of posts and comments from both sides, I just think depending on where you stand is what you end up noticing more.

  17. Oh I agree. Both sides are bad. And there are legit criticisms to be made, as well as legit praises. As for people going the way of toxicity due to their words not being heard, fair. But I definitely don't take them seriously then. Can't be civil then what's the point right? My perspective of Halo itself hasn't been ruined but that of the community. I guess I equate it to the communities of LoL or Destiny. I love Halo too.

  18. I'm done waiting around for them to make good decisions. I sincerely hope this studio finally goes under and we get a developer with some passion finally.

  19. That's a horrible thing to wish upon the devs damn. What they've needed is a change in management and it finally happened in the last few months. Will take more to see the fruits of these changes.

  20. Your weak attempt to gaslight is sad bro and consiseing your 30 is even more sad. but do you lol. I didnt put anyone down, where as you did. I pointed out the player count being tiny in comparison, my point still stands homie. But go off queen cos you didnt retort any points cos there based on fact and you can't refute. It's okay, happens to the best of us lad ;)

  21. Actually looking back through the thread yeah you didn't put anyone down. I apologise for that. You're condescending though.

  22. Fair enough, I can see how that is coming across. My bad, not my intention.

  23. Calling someone a kid. Another tactic used by twats lol

  24. "The only BR Halo Infinite will have is the Battle Rifle"

  25. Sorry about the snark in the previous comment. But seriously chill. It's just a game. Plus that quote was from close to 4 years ago, when BRs were still rising in popularity. This was before Apex released

  26. Because Microsoft, oops I mean 343i, have no idea what they're doing and never have

  27. Mostly because of this acquisition craze I guess. Sorry if I came across as a fanboy. People keep bringing up how Sony fosters talent whereas MS buys them. In the end it doesn't matter in the slightest. As long as the games come.

  28. I never once said the word “realistic” so don’t put words in my mouth. Nerfing one weapon because a bunch of pros whined about “not having a counter to it so let’s GA it” is not balance. Making a melee weapon trade with a default melee makes no sense in gameplay wise, apparently I have to put the word gameplay out.

  29. I mean you mentioned sword versus butt of a weapon. That implies realism.

  30. Because I can find it myself. I can follow social media groups like this one and see what news is happening.

  31. I think he/she may have been talking in a broader sense. Also sorry if I came across snarky.

  32. I've had the opposite experience for the most part. Did have latency issues and visual artifacts but that was maybe a year or two ago. Was lying down in bed last night playing Persona 5 and it was awesome. Perfect cloud game too as it's turn based.

  33. P5 is latency friendly though. It you want to play shooter with precision aim, it becomes an issue. Otherwise, ARPG and racer are latency friendly enough to get by.

  34. Yeah true tried playing Infinite via cloud and nah haha. Played a bit of RE2 and Arkham Knight and was good. Though RE2 may have been local streaming.

  35. Yep, i had an argument with a diehard sony fan on twitter that "noone moves from their xbox to their PC or mobile and continues gaming"

  36. Just the other night I continued playing Persona 5 on my phone after I was done with the TV

  37. I’m worried in my old age (late 20s basically dead) I’ve lost those fast twitch reactions I had from the halo 3 hayday and I just can’t keep up with current multiplayer games so I feel that pain haha

  38. 30 here. Beheading peeps and getting beheaded by peeps since launch.

  39. He said it's his 3rd playthrough, so does that mean the 3rd time took 21 hours itself or is it 21 hours in total, meaning 7 hours per playthrough?

  40. This looks amazing! Also looks like that one level in Halo 5

  41. I didn’t say or insinuate that and you know it. I said XB1X is just as capable if not more capable running games. The Series S isn’t an “upgrade” over XB1X in terms of performance

  42. It most definitely is an upgrade. The CPU and SSD are the same as the ones in the Series X. Main difference is the GPU where certain things have been dialled down compared to the Series X.

  43. CDPR isn't doing the enhancements. Saber Interactive I think are and the office responsible for the enchantments is located somewhere near Russia.

  44. Lmao no, the Saber office was IN Russia, not invaded by it, and the game was pulled from them weeks after the invasion occured.

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