1. XJS, but a ‘90s soft top with the AJ16. I’d consider the E31 (especially if it had a recent overhaul), but I’m more of an E24 guy. A Ferrari 456 is my ultimate answer for a sporty 2+2

  2. Second half isn’t true at all. Have you listened to Elder at all? It’s been going through a reappraisal among fans, and is actually a really good album, if you just accept it for what it is. Was it is a good idea to make? No. Not at all. But it itself isn’t bad.

  3. Exactly - Rezi Orenji is making a good video series demonstrating that KISS’ downfall wasn’t so much a flop album but a flop era (‘78-‘82, from the solo albums to Creatures of the Night’s tour). It’s a sequence of BS.

  4. Still less awful a design than the convertible people carrier.

  5. A Jaguar XJ6, a Bentley Mark II, or a steam-powered lorry that hasn’t managed to explode yet.

  6. Save the Levine talk for a Jordi episode, I’d argue. Todd can get that in the pipeline earlier since it’s so obvious that it was the final nail in the coffin.

  7. i have no idea what episode it was but there’s an episode about a ufc fighter who had a girlfriend in the porn industry and they listed off every single one of her film titles. it had me laughing to tears!

  8. White sauce and/or pesto pizza is actually bomb,

  9. Source? This looks like Lebanese manakeesh. Not pizza.

  10. I find it funny that mix uses the 1997 remix's bass track. But yeah, Pete was the right choice for the song. Roger sounds too "smooth" on it. There's no bite like there is with Pete's vocals.

  11. As long as they don't start on Body Language Analysis. It's just confirmation biasing your way to whatever result you want and heavily linked to false confessions.

  12. It’s unfortunate how many people believe that horseshit. I hope the guys think it’s garbage and used far too often in getting false confessions.

  13. JCS really irks me, what with their reliance on thoroughly-debunked “body language analysis” garbage.

  14. The making of Grizzly II and how it sat unfinished for almost 30 years would be pretty fun. Heck, obscure movies in general sounds like a good direction to get away from true crime.

  15. Go back to KiwiFarms if you’re so offended by people thinking some comedians suck.

  16. Go listen to your Kanye. You’re spinning in circles so quick you can’t keep up.

  17. Kanye needs to be stopped before he can hurt people/gets more people hurt.

  18. The opening of the JonBenet episode is certainly the most macabre joke they’ve done.

  19. Cannibal Holocaust is surprisingly good as a commentary on colonialism and pop culture depictions of indigenous people. It’d be more respected if its origins weren’t overtly exploitative (the mondo genre within underground Italian cinema at the time) and the crew didn’t do live animal killings during production (or reuse execution scenes from Idi Amin Dada).

  20. It’s Harrison Ford at his most honest as an actor. The man looks utterly miserable whenever he’s on screen.

  21. Your favorite film that already has an excellent blu-ray transfer and special features, just not under the criterion label.

  22. What if it’s a Warner Archive release with an excellent transfer but no special features outside of a trailer?

  23. Fair warning: they say the r-word a lot in that one.

  24. The Ricky Ray Rector bit might the most guilty laugh I’ve ever had in a podcast, outside of maybe the “diaper Hayashi” bit in the Aum Shinrikyo series.

  25. Would it be now possible to get a 4K release of The Simpsons Movie or a proper blu-ray restoration of the first eight seasons?

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