1. I don't remember where I read about that and it might entirely be a myth but i'm almost positive DNP is muscle sparing because it works by interfiring within the mitochondria of the adipose cells. so it works mechanically by prioritizing fat for fuel as opposed to muscle tissue. I could be wrong though, someone can feel free to correct me.

  2. DNP is believed to be muscle sparing from studies done on it, actually crazy how dnp works.

  3. I think it’s best saved for the last week of a cut, and run for only 7-10 days. Everything else should be controlling macro intake up to that point.

  4. Not sure how people last two months, think I only made it to around the 14 day mark before wanting to kill myself and having to stop. It is literally death being on DNP.

  5. Hi, I’m a 5’7 M, at 150lbs BW, 14% BF and thinking about starting a cycle. Can anyone give any advice on where I should start. Thank you so much.

  6. Does anyone know if they made advancements in regards to alternatives to needles in TRT? Gels, patches, etc

  7. Pins will always be the best because you are taking out every middle man possible to put the test in your body. The implants are probably 2nd most reliable.

  8. I just watched a video of a implant being injected and holy shit

  9. Any AAS with real fat loss properties (tren appart) ? Anavar? TBol? Proviron? Primo? Mast?

  10. Are you only looking for a steroid? Because DNP is the gods nectar when it comes to fat loss.

  11. It prolly slightly costs more when you factor in the doctor visit costs, but I dont have to worry about the quality with it being straight from my local Pharmacy, another added bonus is when I travel I dont have to worry about taking illegal steroids with me, I can take it anywhere even on flights with no worries.

  12. Took T3 for my first time and got a horrible cramp that’s not going away.

  13. Was up to 600mg according to the doses provided by the supplier but very underdosed. Didn’t even feel like 250mg at that point

  14. Are you taking potassium/getting enough water? DNP can cause mad cramps if you dont keep up the supplements for it IIRC mine was 250mg pils so I was doing 500ish and would be sweating sitting still lol unfortunately my supplier went off online

  15. Is 20mg/day of var for 6 weeks and then 4 week PCT a good beginner cycle? Is PCT necessary for var? I’ve heard some people say you don’t need PCT. I’ve also heard mixed reports on side effects on var, with some saying it destroys your body and other saying it’s mild

  16. The E stands for enanthate, which is the same as every enanthate test or tren, *4-5days half life.

  17. Welcome to the world of subcutaneous injections. I would only use it for TRT doses done daily.

  18. Is there any benefit to doing TRT daily vs twice a week?

  19. Just do test for your first cycle. If you add a bunch of stuff you won’t know where the sides are coming from. Dial in just a test cycle and add stuff down the road if you wish

  20. Do you use one disposable syringe with needle for drawing and then inyecting OR switch needles for drawing and inyecting?

  21. One for drawing (look up close up pics of needles after one injection) and then another clean one for injection

  22. The best part is will always complains he's short on cash. As ruddy said dude literally needs to do a pad slap on his VW jetta and could pocket 1800-2k but he won't spend the time lol and it's obvious his financials ain't good enough to let that sit. Dudes just a lazy stone bag. He doesn't see the opportunity. Rudnik is borderline retarded but with his current following and matt actually putting in work and progressing on the camera/editing there is potential here to scale this channel up. Will is letting an opportunity slip because he's lazy and always high/sick

  23. You are higher than a kite mate, scale the channel up? Check the views on the last week of videos.

  24. Will they still accept a return if they no longer sell it? Let me know if they do I’m looking to return my hoodie if it’s too small.

  25. Well I havent done the return, they did provide me with a return label very easily after providing customer service with my order #.

  26. Neither of the black hoodies I received had size tags, one didn’t even have a bag, and both were way smaller than I expected. Returned both. Idk wtf is going on with the black hoodies man.

  27. Kinda sucks, I had hoped it being gap it was gonna be smooth. My two other hoodies have size tags at least for me

  28. Never understood this, Cam had pretty much a free ticket to freely doing Youtube and he chose being a tech at a dealership..

  29. Bet you hes switching up because he only has 5 and daddy ians bank is no more so he doesn’t have money to buy 7 cars..

  30. that excavator is expensive asf too. it looks brand new, those go for like half a million

  31. He has a video of him buying it off the lot and following the semi truck home.

  32. Oh lord painting all the cars the same colour. I feel like I’ve seen this before and it didn’t last long 🤔

  33. it isn't. It can be used as a "rule of thumb" but reality isn't so clearcut.

  34. Really… so it all just depends on the lender how they feel??? Thats crazy to be honest. Interest rates are kind of just a big hokus pokus.

  35. I know on normal homes it is, but not sure on new builds by builders.

  36. Disnt this go to like $141k last time and still not meet the reserve?

  37. Different car, that one had 17k miles , this one has 5k

  38. Seller is listed as the cultivated collector

  39. Some dealer, check out their active listings, its quite crazy, a 2k mile Carrera GT all the way to a 3k mile Nissan Pulsar GTI-R NISMO…

  40. My first AR was a PSA, 556, which has ran flawlessly. Funny enough, I built two aeros after and the psa has been the most reliable compared to the other two.

  41. You should see the Tesla/Panasonic factory in Reno. People would store and sell drugs out of their lockers, piss in trash cans on the factory floor. About half the 18-21 year old population of small town Nevada has had their paws on your Tesla by the end of it.

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