1. As another commented a pic would be great. Are u sure they aren’t jumping over? They can jump higher than u expect haha

  2. What brand was it? Don’t forget to check with your local farmers or look into bulk hay online!

  3. These are pure gold for my bun! Simply underated. Your upcycling!!

  4. They are a million times sturdier too! My 5 buns launch themselves off of it and throw them around they’re still the same as day one!

  5. I wouldn't say that using a recycled box makes you poor. As far as I'm concerned you understand that whatever you give them is going to be absolutely destroyed so why spend money on something that is guaranteed to be destroyed.

  6. You are absolutely correct but I said that because of how insane the prices for the houses are. How can these companies charge $30 for a cardboard box!!

  7. In a lot of these videos the puppies and kittens are also heavily sedated or sleep deprived. The “cute sleepy kitty/puppy” videos are usually abuse too.

  8. I was going to say : “Sometimes they deserve it , if they welcome you when you enter, if you don’t know what to order and they help you…etc” then realized I’m probably just listing their job description 🤨,

  9. I worked at a “casual dining” (basically a fast food restaurant that doesn’t wanna be called that) place when I was 16, if we didn’t welcome every single customer and have a full on convo with them (even if they didn’t want to!!!) we would get yelled at. It is your job and that comes from the companies mouth.

  10. Mint suddenly got conjunctivitis due to a blocked tear duct so we took him to the vet and he’s been prescribed eye drops and some pain meds which he is munching on in the video (personally i think the pain meds smell awful but he seems to like it)

  11. Are the meds flavored? When one of mine had to take meds for a bit they gave us banana marshmallow flavor. She looooved it whenever I went to give her the meds before school she ran to me and climbed all over me. She would try to take the syringe and run. You would think it was some kind of bunny crack the way she was acting haha.

  12. I'm honestly surprised 3d printing doesn't have dye batch numbers on filament. Even my mum who knows next to nothing about 3d printing commented that it's weird that filament doesn't have that

  13. I crochet, my bf is the one that prints, we talk abt this all the time. I think u are right, I refuse to buy yarn online because I doubt they are checking every single skein of yarn for every order to make sure the lots match up. At least when we go to the store we can look through all of them and find the matching lots. If I make something small that doesnt use up all the yarn it doesn’t matter but imagine making a shirt and when ur done u realize the other half is a shade off.

  14. How are they even considered pets as in they would have to be allowed? They cant damage anything or disturb anyone. The only way u would know that we have a hamster is by seeing the carpet lines from his tanks lol.

  15. The small pen is for all 5 of them as they are currently bonding. After bonding they will all be free roamed :)

  16. 3D printing is great for making a lot of things, but tools is not one of them. Even scaled up it'll probably snag on the material.

  17. I tried it out it seemed fine, you can always sand these and paint or gloss or whatever u want to do to them. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  18. We were laughing abt it this morning because he finished it while I was sleeping. Hes gonna make a bigger one that I can properly use but I loved these so much I asked him to print more!

  19. Honestly, it could still be useful if you're knitting and drop a stitch, or if you collect miniatures or want to craft miniatures and also make yourself suffer at the same time.

  20. He is actually going to start one soon for his prints but as of right now if anyone wants one you can just dm me and we will figure out how to get u one :)

  21. You know what? I bet something like that might work out pretty good for really precise, tiny stitches like lace and what not. Better handling/control maybe?

  22. Oh yes! We talked about that and I wanna try that but he’s gonna tweak the handle a bit first to match the handle type most comfortable for me :) (not sure if there are names for the handle types)

  23. I had extreme hives like this all the way through my teens and not from allergies. It could be from an irritant as simple as you scratching my back over my shirt. It was horrible but It stopped suddenly.

  24. I randomly get hives sometimes the dr said its from stress but it was such a quick interaction idk if they were trying to get rid of me or its tru. I honestly dont know anything abt hives when i get it i just tuff thru it or take an antihistamine if its really bad. No known allergies btw

  25. 5 fluffy ass bunnies is where its at. All diff colors too, its great for presentation!

  26. I have a pet rabbit and i would fuck someone up if i saw them do this to any animal

  27. My bf and I rescue rabbits, even if ur not an animal person u still shouldn’t defend this. U wouldn’t shake a baby (hopefully) so why would u grab and shake a baby bunny? It’s crazy how some ppl think this is ok.

  28. I’d the channel still up?

  29. Im not sure but it probably is. Youtube doesn’t care about this stuff.

  30. I’ve gotten lash lifts before but I don’t really know much about them. Maybe you can let ur stylist know and then put a little wash cloth over ur eyes or use ur hands to cover them, something like that to protect ur lashes. For sure check what others say though because like I said idk how careful you need to be but just a suggestion :)

  31. Are you bonding all 5 bunnies at once? No one on one bonding?

  32. The grey lop and the two lion heads have been bonded for a while now. We are introducing the babies, the black rex and the brown/white lop. The two babies are the same age they just got fixed a little while ago. So the three are totally fine they dont even care about the bonding lol they just want to be done with it. Its only the babies that are really having to adjust.

  33. Hi! I’m looking for tips on how to bond a pair of girls, may I know if the box has to be smaller than a certain size? Also, will they not fight in there?? I’m not sure how a bonding box works but am interested!

  34. Sybs says:

    Possibly because gerbils are much much more in need of burrowing space whereas hamsters can live without it if there are other things to do.

  35. Hamsters require a lot of burrowing space. Any animal can still “live” without basic necessities but that doesn’t mean its ok. There is no debate if you get a hamster they should have the proper amount of bedding for burrowing. It doesn’t matter if there are other things to do. Watch Victoria Raechel to learn more.

  36. Smart buns :) What toy is that if you don’t mind me asking

  37. Omg I wanna make this for my boyfriend lol! Can I have the link please :)

  38. I’m really struggling to tell if this post is sarcastic and whether some of the responses are dry sarcastic 🤪

  39. Its sarcastic and me too lol. I now realized not everyone is gonna understand its a joke and I should’ve put the “/s”

  40. Please tell me this post is satire and you don’t truly think they’re charging that. If you do, hi welcome to your first day on the internet

  41. I thought flaring it as funny would be enough I guess not by half of the comments lmao. My thinking was its common sense a little bag like that is not actually $12k and everyone would get the joke because theres so many posts about knowing the worth of our projects. Now we know not to have too much faith and put the “/s” hahaha.

  42. “Obviously don’t turn the box into a bunny blender” omg that made me laugh so hard. I’m dying here…

  43. Hey we dont want people getting the wrong idea here lmao. I take no responsibility if any bunny smoothies are made

  44. I have tried absolutely everything to bond my 2 boys and absolutely nothing works. I've had them for almost 3 years and they were both neutered when I got them. They touch each other constantly through their bars, they groom all the time, and even if I take one away it'll run back to where the other cage is to be with his buddy. (There is one cage inside their larger pen area and I switch them back and forth all the time. They're both comfortable sharing each other's space.) But as soon as I put them together with no barriers they try to kill each other. I just don't get it. I've tried the bathtub, I've tried getting them to share a banana, I've tried holding them both on my lap...nothing works. I live alone so I'm reluctant to bond them through any fear based methods, because I will be the source of scaring them and I don't want them to be scared of me.

  45. 2 of my buns that I rescued came from severely abusive homes and they were crazy aggressive I’ve never seen bunnies so aggressive. They would attack us and the other bunnies so I have some experience with that. What we do when we stress bond them is we use a tall box and put something halfway over it so they cant see us. That way they dont associate the stress with us but at least with our buns I dont think they understand we are the ones shaking the box anyways. Our buns are all different if you want you can dm me and maybe we can talk about it a bit more and try to figure something out :)

  46. I don't, she bought them. They were an Amazon Basics item though from the boxes I saw

  47. Oh wow thats so cool she even bought the stuff! I will take a look thank you so much :)

  48. Oh it was absolutely an amazing experience that was something I would readily pay to do again. Absolutely worth it. She gave me a syatem I can ACTUALLY maintain

  49. Thats great to hear, Ive always heard about professional organizers but never knew if they were really worth it or not. Im glad u had a great experience with it and im for sure gonna research it a bit now!

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