[Postgame Thread] Michigan Defeats Ohio State 42-27

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Babies are born knowing how to walk, like deer and horses, but unlike deer and horses, they aren't born strong enough to actually do it yet.

  2. Our pediatrician held both of my kids up when they were like three days old and both of them moved their legs like they were walking. It was cool to see

  3. I've had multiple girls tell me that pretty much all girls masturbate all the time when they tan. Any truth to that?

  4. 62° sleeping under a down comforter with a fan on 😬

  5. McDonald's is dead to me ever since they got rid of the all day breakfast and the crispy chicken sandwich.

  6. What do you get at tbell for $5? I feel like I'm at least $10 closer to $15 everytime I go there

  7. Beefy melt burrito X2 and a potato taco. The 5 layer burrito and the quesarito are like crack to me, but the beefy melt is 90% of the burrito for far less $. The potato taco has that chipotle ranch sauce that's like crack, and I'm fine subbing some of the meat for potatoes because let's be real about American meat intake.

  8. have it figured out. I'm on board with all that stuff. And the cheesy gordita crunch is amazing. I don't have the willpower you do so that jacks my total up

  9. My opinion. The bathrooms are clean but the toilet paper is .5 ply. The food is ok. The quesorito is good and the spicy chicken is really good. They do have a big selection of food. The 88 octane gas is significantly cheaper than anything else so I like that.

  10. Going this weekend! How long were you there?

  11. We were there for an hour. There was another couple that made birds too. They went first so they were gone in a shorter time

  12. I don't know if it still is but the horseshoe used to be

  13. I'm happy I can get non-ethanol gas for my infrequently used engines.

  14. I've been going out of my way to get the 88 octane stuff it is so much cheaper

  15. 🎶That chair is made for fuckin And that's just what I'll do That chair is made for fucking And I'll fuck you in it too 🎶

  16. Don't forget any increase in insurance premiums too. So probably closer to anything less than 10-12% is losing money

  17. Do not transfer to OSU. I’m sure you are familiar with their generally poor reputation for care.

  18. OSU has a negative reputation? I had an amazing experience there and if I would get to pick a hospital to use in Columbus they would be the one.

  19. Not a local butcher but if you run out of options I've seen them at sam's club

  20. I was conceived the day the Challenger exploded.

  21. Build the Hassan Haskins statue in Ann Arbor right now

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